Many industries, including pharmaceuticals and technology, as well as the food and beverage sector, consider product traceability crucial. This practice ensures thorough monitoring of products throughout the entire production, processing, and distribution phases. Particularly in the food and beverage industry, traceability is indispensable, providing individuals with the assurance that products can be precisely located at any point in the supply chain. The need for continuous tracking and tracing is inherent in the food and beverage sector.

Product Traceability Within The Food And Beverage Industry

Product traceability plays a vital role in upholding and enhancing food safety. It empowers manufacturers to effectively manage day-to-day operations and simplifies the resolution of safety concerns and potential contamination issues.

Through product traceability, crucial information about a product, including its origin, packaging date, and shelf life, becomes readily accessible. This data conveys essential details such as the safety attributes and lifespan of a product.

In the event of a product recall, traceability codes, such as barcodes and batch numbers, facilitate swift and precise identification of compromised products. Manufacturers rely on these references to quickly locate affected items.

However, ensuring the effectiveness of traceability goes beyond making essential data available; it also involves guaranteeing the clarity and durability of prints or markings to fulfill their intended purpose.

Enhance Product Traceability With A Coding and Marking Solution From Domino

Effective and top-notch coding equipment is essential for product coding. Your system should ensure the consistent and precise application of machine-readable codes.

In addition to delivering accurate coding for traceability needs, the correct coding and marking equipment can significantly enhance your overall productivity.

This includes:

  1. Swift marking at high speeds
  2. Streamlining the label creation process
  3. Prevention of costly downtime
  4. Minimization of application errors

When selecting a coding or marking system, our experts are available to assist you in finding the suitable solution for your business.

Continuous Inkjet Printer

Continuous Inkjet Printers allow for uninterrupted high-speed printing. This technology produces clear and sharp codes that are both long-lasting and robust, making CIJ printers well-suited for food and beverage packaging.

Thermal Inkjet Printers

Thermal Inkjet Printer systems are lightweight and compact, making them highly portable and easily integrable into existing production lines. TIJ printers can achieve high-speed printing while delivering high-resolution codes.

Print and Apply Labelling

Print and Apply Labelling systems streamline the label application process on production lines, ensuring efficiency and speed. The user-friendly and consistent Domino M-Series delivers continuous high-quality results. These solutions are suitable for various applications, including primary food packaging, shipping cartons, and pallets.

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