Product traceability is a necessity for many industries such as pharma, tech, and in particular the food and beverage industry. Product traceability guarantees that products are monitored from production, processing and distribution. In regards to the food and beverage industry, individuals gain the peace of mind that products can be located at any stage of the supply chain.

Traceability is an essential aspect within the food and beverage industry where there is a requirement to continuously track and trace.

Product Traceability Within The Food And Beverage Industry

Product traceability has an important role in promoting and maintaining food safety. Traceability enables manufacturers to control day to day operations, it also makes it easier to solve safety and potential contamination issues.

Using product traceability, necessary data regarding a product is made available and information such as origin, packaging date, and shelf life can all be accessed easily. Information such as origin, packaging date, and shelf life communicates essential information such as the safety and life span of a product.

In the event of a product recall, traceability codes enable manufactures to quickly and easily find products based on their barcodes, batch numbers, etc, which manufacturers often use as references to locate products that have been compromised.

However, traceability is not just about making the essential data available, you must also ensure the quality of the prints or markings for them is clear and durable to serve their purpose.

Enhance Product Traceability With A Coding and Marking Solution From Domino

Efficient, high-quality coding equipment is a necessity when coding products. Your system must guarantee proper application of machine-scannable codes on a continuous basis.

Aside from providing accurate coding for traceability purposes, the right coding and marking equipment will also have a positive impact on your output.

Such as;

  • High-speed marking
  • Streamlines label creation
  • Costly downtime is avoided
  • Reduced application errors

When choosing a Coding or Marking system, our experts can help you find the appropriate solution for your business.

Continuous Inkjet Printer

Continuous Inkjet Printers can enable you to print at high speed without interruption. This system can create clean, crisp codes that are long-lasting and durable. CIJ printers are ideally suited for food and beverage packaging.

Thermal Inkjet Printers

Thermal Inkjet Printer systems are lightweight and compact, and are thus incredibly portable and can be integrated easily into existing production lines. TIJ printers are capable of printing at high speeds while producing high-resolution codes.

Print and Apply Labelling

Print and Apply Labelling systems enable an efficient and fast label application process on production lines. The Domino M-Series is user-friendly and consistent, guaranteeing continuous high-quality results. Print and Apply Labelling solutions can be used for primary food packaging, shipping cartons and pallets.

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