We progress together – Goldiee and Domino are celebrating over 30 years of trusted partnership

Beginning as a modest spice packaging producer in the 1980s, the Goldiee Group has evolved into a household name and one of India’s leading manufacturers of spices and food products today.

Throughout Goldiee’s evolution, Domino has consistently been the preferred coding and marking partner, providing the necessary solutions for labeling products and packaging.

Goldiee is committed to delivering products of exceptional quality, aligning with the company slogan “Goldiee is pure as gold.” To achieve this objective, the company invests in operations, personnel, and technology.

Som Prakash Goenka, Co-Founder of Goldiee, states, “We have always been a progressive company— in terms of our operations, our people, and our technological advancements— and it is through partnerships like this (with Domino) that we can excel in all of our practices.”

The Ax-Series continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers offer outstanding code quality and reliability in a contemporary design. Goldiee’s operators can remotely monitor printer performance by connecting to Domino Cloud.

Domino and Goldiee – a lasting partnership – Domino Printing

Domino Cloud provides easy access to production data

At present, Goldiee operates advanced facilities in 26 Indian states, where they manufacture and package a variety of food products. The company supplies goods to over 1,000 distributors and 350,000 retailers across India and exports to 12 countries worldwide.

Given the extensive reach and operations, achieving optimal overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is imperative for the business.

Utilizing the Ax-Series and Domino Cloud, Goldiee has discovered an optimal solution to ensure excellent code quality while maximizing overall production performance:

  • Consistent printer performance: The Ax-Series printers are specifically designed for reliable operation in food environments, allowing for consumable changes during production runs and maintenance-free production.
  • Remote control: Through Domino Cloud, operators can access production data remotely via desktop, tablet, or phone. This capability enables operators to monitor production line performance, make informed decisions, and guide their teams to ensure smooth production and meet the high output demands crucial to the business.

Goldiee anticipates continued growth, and the integration of the Cloud service, which aids in lowering operating costs and boosting output, holds growing significance. Congratulations to Goldiee on their sustained success—we eagerly anticipate a continued partnership for many years ahead.

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