Coding, Marking and Labelling For Pet Food Production

Codico can provide your business with innovative and flexible solutions to ensure pet food manufacturers maximise production and efficiency.

Printing traceability codes onto films, flow wraps and other flexible packaging can often be difficult unless the right ink or printer is used. Codico has a wide variety of solutions that can ensure effective and efficient coding that maximises production and output, such as Thermal Transfer Printers and Continuous Inkjet Printers.

Domino Thermal Transfer Printers can print clean and clear codes and batch codes onto flexible film before the packet or bag is formed. By installing onto flow wrappers (HFFS) or bagging (VFFS) machines, they are compact printers that use ribbons to produce high-quality codes including barcodes and graphics.

Domino Continuous Inkjet Printers are the ideal solution for manufacturers of pet food. The printers can print simple codes onto the final product, where a potentially non-uniform surface is presented or different materials are used across multiple production lines.

Printing and Labelling Boxes, Cases and Trays

Our range of print and apply labelling solutions are the ideal systems to apply labels onto cases, boxes and trays. With the potential to apply labels on the top, side, corner or front of packages, we can provide a solution that can enable you to maximise output on your production line.

The M230i-S&SP Print & Apply Labelling Systems provide a new level of safety to automated front or rear labelling without compromising performance. With an integrated Autostop feature, operator safety is enhanced. In addition, a compact footprint and flexible design make the system adaptable to your specific needs now and far into the future.

In order to be as flexible as possible, two models (the M230i-S and M230i-SP Print & Apply Systems) are available. Factors that determine which model is more appropriate for you are:

  • Desired throughput
  • Label orientation
  • Space availability
  • Operator comfort and availability

Pallet Labelling

Pallet labelling must be accurate, precise, consistent and reliable. Our range of pallet labellers is consistent and reliable, giving you peace of mind in your production process.

The M230i Pallet Labeller offers a wide range of standard features built into stainless steel or aluminium cabinets. It delivers a flexible, reliable, safe and easy-to-operate solution to ensure maximum productivity for many years to come, even in the harshest of industrial environments.

Safety is paramount with the M230i Pallet Labeller as it has a clean, modular design, making it easy to integrate into any production line, existing or new.

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