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Outer Case Coding


Reliable & robust printing solutions for outer case or bulk container coding

Domino Printing’s range of large character valve-jet printers use a variety of inks to print text and variable data onto porous and non-porous materials, including corrugated outer cases, sacks, rubber, metal, PVC. Domino Thermal InkJet, Macrojet, and Case Coder can apply both water and solvent-based inks, depending on your specific needs.

Introducing The Macrojet – High quality, large character coding for a wide range of materials

The Macrojet delivers robust and reliable large character coding even within the harshest environments. With consistently high-quality print output, it has a well-deserved reputation for delivering reliable and cost-effective large character coding for a wide range of industries. Its compact design with integral print head allows it to be mounted on a wide variety of carton taping machines and production lines. The ideal choice if you need high-quality coding on a wide range of porous and non-porous substrates, such as PVC, outer cases and trays, wood, metal, sacking, and extrusion.

Key Benefits of The Macrojet

Flexible, Cost-effective & Clean

Maximise Uptime

Proven valve jet technology that you can always rely on.

Consistent Print Quality

Single or twin line codes on a variety of substrates

Easy To Run

Simply requires power – no factory air necessary

Compact Design

Easily integrates into existing production facilities

Programmable Operation

Time and date codes, shift codes and sell-by dates are all programmable

Range Of Inks

Available for porous and non-porous substrates

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Domino C-Series

Large character printers, for simple and cost-effective coding onto outer cases, trays and sacks.

The C-Series range of outer case coders, software, and ancillaries provides sustainable solutions to meet the needs of manufacturers: delivering increased productivity, flexibility and profitability while meeting the requirements of the whole supply chain. C-Series coders offer cost-effective coding on outer case packaging, resulting in improved inventory management.

For simple and cost-effective alphanumeric coding, Domino’s C-Series printers offer an extremely reliable solution. Based on Drop on Demand Valve Jet technology, these printers are simple to install, use, and maintain.


  • C1000+ Max Print Height 17.5mm
  • C3000+ Max Print Height 35mm
  • C6000+ Max Print Height 70mm
Brown Box With inkjet case coding

Key Benefits

  • Proven valve-jet technology ensures maximum up-time
  • Clean and simple industrial design with integrated print head bracket and photocell, fully sealed ink containers reduce risk of mess and leaks
  • Integrated user interface with simple keyboard layout and LCD display
  • Programmable time and date codes, shift codes and sell-by dates, real-time product counting and password protection for operational control
  • Simply requires power, no factory air necessary
  • Water-based inks available in a choice of black, red, blue and green

Domino G20i Thermal InkJet Printer

Simple to install. Simple to configure. Simple to code.

The Domino G20i is a compact, all in one, single-sided case coder ideally suited to data and text coding on outer case secondary packaging. It’s designed for straightforward self-installation, set up and use without technical knowledge.

The G20i is the entry-level, cost-effective, one-sided box coding solution for outer case coding. Installing the G20i is quick, simple, and requires no technical expertise. Everything you need is included with the package. The system is service free. Cartridge change is a simple, less than 20-second operation without any technical skills or tools.

Ideal for coding one line of text, barcodes, or logos, up to 12.7mm in height on to outer cases, cartons, and corrugated boxes.


Domino G20i Outer Case Coding Printer
Watch the G20i video


  • Quick, clean and easy to install
  • High-resolution print head delivering reliable image quality
  • Domino manufactured ink providing high-density codes
  • Extremely reliable
  • Cost-effective solution

Domino G-Series – Thermal InkJet Printer

If you are looking for a coding solution that is flexible, easy to integrate into your production line, and designed for high-resolution printing at fast line speeds while being utterly reliable, you are looking for a G-Series Thermal InkJet Printer (TIJ).

The modular set-up grows with your requirements: Up to four individually operating print heads are managed by one controller and can be configured to operate multiple production lines or print big-size messages enabling your printer set-up to adapt to your production requirements. Intelligent i-Tech features and smart cartridge functions guarantee for easy operation, improved production planning, and reduced errors saving you time and money.

As G-Series, thermal inkjet printer controllers do not require regular essential maintenance your line efficiency is greatly improved.

Shelf Ready Packaging case Beverage

Domino Macrojet 2

Robust and reliable coding on a large variety of substrates Valve Jet Printer

Large Character coders with maximum uptime even in the harshest environments

Domino’s Macrojet has a well-earned reputation for delivering reliable, cost-effective large character coding in a wide range of industries.

Macrojet can drive up to four remote heads from a single base unit.

The printer uses Drop on Demand Valve Jet technology to produce consistent quality coding onto a wide variety of porous and non-porous substrates including PVC, metal, extrusion, and many more.

The unique print head design allows fast-drying inks (e.g. MEK based) to be used, producing sharp codes with maximum reliability.

Masonry blocks4

Key Benefits

  • Sealed print head nozzles for maximum up-time in harsh environments
  • Compact and unobtrusive design easily integrates into existing production facilities
  • Simple operator interface makes message creation and storage error-free. The data entry terminal can be removed for added security
  • Low-level print head option for tray coding or printing near the base of products; Macrojet print heads can operate in any orientation and up to four heads can be driven from each base unit
  • Print single or twin line codes with a variety of coloured inks for porous and non-porous substrates

Domino M-Series Print & Apply Labeller

Domino M-Series i-Tech print and apply labeling range offers you the ultimate modular label coding system for your production line. Configure the applicator to suit your specific application: Tamp Wipe, Blow, and Corner Wrap.

Outer Case Labelling
Corner Wrap Print and Apply Labeller

Easy to use print and apply labellers

Whether you need traceability or labelling compliance, Domino’s M-Series Plus range is the truly flexible way to introduce print and apply label applicator solutions onto your production line.

Based on the M230i class-leading printer, the M-Series standard range offers you the ultimate modular label-coding solution, from a standalone unit to more complex integrated systems. The modular design ensures that the solutions can be tailored to your specific needs, using an ergonomic approach for your comfort and safety. A wide range of standard configurations makes your choice simpler and ensures minimum disturbance when fitting into your production line.

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