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Cx350i Secondary Case Coding, Coding Marking, Industry 4.0

Large format printing on your secondary packaging

Are you looking for superior box coding solutions for your secondary packaging, with minimal ongoing involvement and hassle-free operation?

Are you considering the possibility of improving your environmental sustainability by replacing label printers and pre-printed boxes?

Do you have cost-saving targets for your operations that you aim to achieve?

Meet the Cx350i – a large character, high-resolution printer designed to align with your business goals related to productivity, environmental responsibility, and operational cost efficiency.

The Domino Drop on Demand (DoD) piezo inkjet (PIJ) printer is equipped with a high-resolution stainless steel print head, consistently producing high-contrast grade A, 1D and 2D barcodes, brand logos, traceability information, and product batch details on secondary packaging boxes and cases. The Cx350i serves as an excellent alternative to label printing for various applications involving cardboard, corrugated, paper boxes, and cartons. It facilitates direct box coding, significantly reducing environmental impact. No factory air is required, and it generates no label waste. Instead, it uses vegetable-oil-based inks delivered in small drops to create high-quality codes.

The Cx350i is designed to minimize and simplify operator interaction with an intuitive user interface, enabling quick and easy adjustments to settings and layouts. The printer features a large-volume ink supply and improved print accuracy, reducing the need for frequent intervention.

To optimize running costs, the printer delivers ink in smaller, higher-contrast drops, ensuring the best possible code quality while conserving ink for large character printing.

With Industry 4.0 connectivity, the Cx350i offers 24/7 device visibility in the cloud and can be integrated with PLC and MES/ERP systems for full automation. This makes the Cx350i a robust choice to support your current and future business goals.

Outstanding Print Quality

Attain an impressive standard of print quality with a 65mm print height, ideal for Grade-A 1D and 2D barcodes, as well as branding.

Smooth Integration with Industry 4.0

Effortlessly link to Industry 4.0 through a diverse range of connectivity choices, encompassing Ethernet/IP, integration with MES and ERP systems, and connectivity to Domino Cloud.

Easy Operation

Simplify your operations with minimal involvement, eliminating the necessity for scheduled maintenance. Experience a user-friendly QuickStep touchscreen interface for straightforward control.

Environmental Impact

No need for labels, decreased inventory of pre-printed boxes, only small amounts of vegetable-based ink.

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Dependable Printing Solutions for Outer Case and Bulk Container Marking

Domino provides a comprehensive range of large character valve-jet printers designed for printing text and variable data on a variety of materials, including porous and non-porous ones like corrugated outer cases, sacks, rubber, metal, and PVC. Our selection of printing solutions includes Domino Thermal Inkjet, Macrojet, and Case Coder, capable of using both water and solvent-based inks to meet your specific needs.

These printing solutions for outer cases and bulk containers are highly sought after by our customers in diverse industries, including Life Sciences, Agriculture, Extrusion, and Food and Beverage.

The Macrojet – Exceptional Large Character Coding for Diverse Materials

The Macrojet is the answer to delivering durable and reliable large character coding, even in the most challenging environments. Recognized for its consistently high-quality coding in demanding conditions, it has established a well-earned reputation for offering dependable and cost-effective large character coding solutions across a broad range of industries.

With its compact design and integrated print head, the Macrojet is versatile and can be effortlessly installed on various carton taping machines and production lines. It is the ideal choice when you need top-notch coding on a diverse range of porous and non-porous substrates, including PVC, outer cases, trays, wood, metal, sacking, and extrusion.

Key Benefits of The Macrojet

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Count on Domino’s proven valve jet technology to optimize uptime and maintain the seamless operation of your processes.

Consistent Print Reliability

Attain reliable and uniform print quality, offering the capability to generate single or twin-line codes on diverse substrates.

User-Friendly Operation

The system is easy to use, operating effortlessly with only power, eliminating the need for factory air, ensuring simplicity of use.

Space-Saving Design

The compact design effortlessly integrates into your existing production facilities, optimizing the utilization of the available space.

Adaptable Features

Effortlessly customize time and date codes, shift codes, and sell-by dates to align with your specific requirements.

Flexible Ink Choices

Select from a variety of inks suitable for both porous and non-porous substrates, ensuring flexibility for your coding needs.

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Domino C-Series – Outer Case Coding

Our C-series comprises large character printers specifically designed for simple and economical coding on outer cases, trays, and sacks.

The C-Series incorporates a variety of outer case coders, software, and additional equipment, providing sustainable solutions tailored to the manufacturer’s requirements. These solutions enhance productivity, flexibility, and profitability while ensuring compliance with supply chain requirements. C-Series coders offer a cost-effective means of coding on outer case packaging, contributing to improved inventory management.

For effortless and economical alphanumeric coding, Domino’s C-Series printers present a highly reliable solution. Utilizing Drop on Demand Valve Jet technology, these printers are straightforward to install, operate, and maintain.


C1000+ Max Print Height 17.5mm

C3000+ Max Print Height 35mm

C6000+ Max Print Height 70mm

Brown Box With inkjet case coding

Key Benefits

  • Proven Valve Jet Technology: Our dependable valve jet technology ensures optimal uptime, guaranteeing the smooth operation of your processes.
  • Clean and Streamlined Industrial Design: The printer showcases a sleek and straightforward industrial design, incorporating an integrated print head bracket and photocell. Completely sealed ink containers reduce the likelihood of spills and leaks.
  • Integrated Use Interface: Experience the ease of use provided by an integrated user interface featuring a straightforward keyboard layout and an LCD display for clear and simple operation.
  • Programmable Coding: Effortlessly set up time and date codes, shift codes, sell-by dates, real-time product counting, and implement password protection for operational control.
  • Minimal Requirements: The system functions solely on a power source, eliminating the requirement for factory air, enhancing its user-friendly nature.
  • Water-Based Inks: Select from a range of water-based inks in black, red, blue, and green to meet your coding requirements.

Domino G20i Thermal InkJet Printer

Easy to install. Easy to configure. Easy to code.

The Domino G20i is a compact, all-in-one, single-sided case coder designed for data and text coding on outer case secondary packaging. It’s created for simple self-installation, setup, and use without requiring technical knowledge.

The G20i serves as the entry-level, cost-effective, one-sided box coding solution for outer case coding. Installing the G20i is swift, uncomplicated, and doesn’t demand technical expertise. Everything necessary is included in the package. The system is maintenance-free, and cartridge change is a straightforward operation, taking less than 20 seconds, without requiring technical skills or tools.

Perfect for coding a single line of text, barcodes, or logos, up to 12.7mm in height, on outer cases, cartons, and corrugated boxes.

Domino G20i Outer Case Coding Printer
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  • Swift and Effortless Installation: The system can be quickly configured, ensuring a straightforward and trouble-free process.
  • High-Resolution Print Head: A high-resolution printhead guarantees consistently reliable image quality to meet your coding requirements.
  • Domino-Produced Ink: Domino’s ink provides codes with high density, improving the clarity and legibility of your printed information.
  • Outstanding Reliability: This system is renowned for its outstanding dependability, reducing the chances of interruptions in your coding process.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: The Domino G20i offers an economical solution, providing high-quality outcomes without exceeding the budget.

Domino G-Series – Thermal Inkjet Printer

If you are seeking a flexible coding solution that seamlessly integrates into your production line, provides high-resolution printing at rapid line speeds, and boasts unmatched reliability, the Domino G-Series Thermal Inkjet Printer (TIJ) is the solution:

The modular design of the G-Series allows it to adapt to your evolving needs. You can have up to four independently operating print heads managed by a single controller, which can be tailored to handle multiple production lines or print extensive messages, adjusting your printer setup to align with your production requirements. The intelligent i-Tech features and smart cartridge functions ensure smooth operation, improved production planning, and reduced errors, ultimately saving you both time and money.

With the G-Series Thermal Inkjet printer controllers, you won’t face the burden of frequent essential maintenance, significantly enhancing your line efficiency.

Shelf Ready Packaging case Beverage

Domino Macrojet 2

Robust and Reliable Coding Across a Wide Range of Materials – Valve Jet Printer

Rely on the Domino Macrojet 2 for durable and dependable large character coding, even in challenging operational environments. This large character coder is renowned for its track record of providing reliable and cost-effective coding solutions across various industries.

The Macrojet 2 can handle up to four remote heads using a single base unit, enhancing its flexibility and adaptability to your specific requirements.

By employing Drop on Demand Valve Jet technology, this printer consistently delivers high-quality coding on a diverse range of porous and non-porous substrates, including materials such as PVC, metal, extrusion, and more.

What distinguishes the Macrojet 2 is its unique print head design, allowing the use of fast-drying inks (e.g., MEK-based), resulting in sharp, crisp codes with maximum reliability.

Masonry blocks4

Key Benefits

  • Sealed Print Head Nozzles: The print head nozzles are securely sealed, guaranteeing optimal operational time, even in demanding conditions.
  • Space-Efficient Design: The compact and unobtrusive design seamlessly fits into your current production facilities, maximizing the use of available space.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The straightforward operator interface simplifies the process of creating and storing messages, minimizing the chance of errors. Moreover, the data entry terminal can be detached for enhanced security.
  • Low-Level Print Head Option: To code trays or print in proximity to the product base, you can opt for the low-level print head choice. Macrojet print heads are adaptable and can function in any orientation, with the ability to control up to four heads from each base unit.
  • Flexible Coding: Generate single or twin-line codes employing a variety of coloured inks suitable for both porous and non-porous substrates, meeting a wide range of your coding requirements.

Domino M-Series Print & Apply Labeller

The Domino M-Series i-Tech Print and Apply Labelling series offer a highly adaptable and modular label coding system for your production line. You can customize the applicator to align with your specific application requirements, incorporating choices like Tamp Wipe, Blow, and Corner Wrap.

Outer Case Labelling
Corner Wrap Print and Apply Labeller

User-Friendly Print and Apply Labellers

To achieve traceability and ensure compliance with labelling standards, Domino’s M-Series Plus range offers an exceptionally flexible method of incorporating print and apply label applicator solutions into the production line.

Based on the renowned M230i print and apply labelling system, the M-Series standard range provides the ultimate modular label-coding solution. It accommodates standalone units and more complex integrated systems. The modular design allows for customized solutions tailored to your specific needs, prioritizing comfort and safety through an ergonomic approach. With a variety of standard configurations to choose from, finding the right fit becomes simple, ensuring minimal disruption when integrating into your production line.

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