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Effortless UV Laser Marking for Plastic Applications: Introducing the U510 UV Laser Marking System, a compact, all-in-one solution designed to meet the demands of modern sustainable packaging. By utilizing UV light, it achieves sharp, high-contrast codes on various plastic substrates without the need for laser-activated fields. With integrated controller and IP55 rating, it’s suitable for diverse production environments. Plus, it’s Industry 4.0 ready, offering connectivity to Domino Cloud for enhanced functionality.

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Effortless UV Laser marking for Plastic Applications

Are you in search of a hassle-free solution for creating enduring marks on plastic substrates to enhance product identification?

Introducing the U510 UV Laser marking system: This compact, all-in-one laser coder excels in addressing the needs of modern sustainable packaging developments, including recyclable flexible mono-material polymers and thin films. Utilising UV light, coding is achieved through a photochemical reaction within the top substrate layer, preserving the protective barrier of packaging while enabling the marking of white and coloured products anywhere, without the necessity of laser-activated fields. The outcome is the production of sharp, high-contrast white codes on a dark-coloured materials and black codes on light-coloured materials.

The all-in-one controller and laser unit simplify line integration, and an IP55 rating ensures the U510 UV laser coding system’s suitability for wet or dusty production environments. Additionally, the U510 UV laser coding system is designed to meet Industry 4.0 requirements, offering the option to connect to Domino Cloud for enhanced connectivity and functionality.

Unparalleled Code Clarity

With its laser spot diameter measuring just 30µm, the U510 VU laser coding system achieves unrivalled clarity in producing codes that are easily readable by both humans and machines. These codes appear as vivid white on dark backgrounds and rich black on white plastic surfaces.

The U510 UV laser coding system boasts a robust laser tube, delivering 6W of power at 100kHz, making it an ideal choice for high-speed applications where exceptional performance is crucial. 

The powerful laser tube (6W at 100kHz) is ideal for high-speed applications.

Seamless Integration

Thanks to its all-in-one controller and laser unit, the U510 UV laser coding system streamlines the process of integrating it into your production line. The inclusion of fan cooling eliminates the necessity for water or factory air, enhancing convenience.

The versatile scan head can be mounted either horizontally or vertically to suit your specific needs. Furthermore, the U510 UV laser coding system integration, facilitates automated code inspection for enhanced accuracy, eliminating costly recalls and waste. implementing an easy audit trail is equally straightforward, aiding in achieving compliance with ease.

Reliability and Maximum Uptime

The integration of Domino Cloud provides the advantage of remote diagnostics and continuous 24/7 monitoring of your UV laser coding system’s performance. Additionally, our extended warranty and support plans are designed to optimise uptime and minimise the potential for costly delays and production downtime.

The U510 UV laser coding system unit itself is engineered to endure, featuring dust and water protection rated at IP55. This robust design ensures reliable operation and a lengthy lifespan, even in demanding production environments.

Fume Extraction

Domino’s DPX Fume Extraction Systems excel at efficiently filtering fumes and particulate debris generated during the coding process. The maintenance of a clean, dust-free operating environment is crucial for manufacturers as it safeguards their equipment, optimises production uptime, and ensures a consistently high code quality.

Enhancing Laser Safety

Codico offers training courses that can enhance your comprehension of laser safety responsibilities. Additionally, Codico provides a variety of service plans to assist laser users in fulfilling their obligations while optimising operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Operational Support

When you collaborate with Codico, you can expect a remarkable level of support and care. Our selection of service packages is designed to deliver top-tier assistance, ensuring uninterrupted uptime and preventing costly delays.

Automated Code Inspection

Guarantee that every code leaving your manufacturing facility is accurate and in place, while also freeing up valuable operator time by adopting the R-Series. Domino’s R-Series lineup of vision control systems empowers you to automate code inspection, verifying the presence, positioning, and readability of each code with precision and efficiency.

Enhanced Production Intelligence

Elevate your operational awareness by linking your printer to Domino Cloud. Access production analytics dashboards and stay informed through system error alerts. Domino Cloud equips you with the essential information to enhance the efficiency of your operations, providing valuable insights for smarter production management.

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