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Mx-Series Print and Apply Labelling System

Would you like to decrease human errors and streamline your print and apply labelling process?

The Mx-Series guarantees that you’re equipped with an automated system that accurately and consistently prints and applies labels, reducing the likelihood of human errors. This is particularly important in industries where precise labelling with dynamic or variable data is necessary for product tracking, compliance, and quality control.

Effortlessly integrated into your production line, our range of industrial print and apply labelling systems is dependable, adaptable, and sturdy. These systems can be tailored for various applications, ensuring the capacity to implement global barcode standards for products and packaging. Whether affixing a label on the front of individual products, on the top of a tray, or over the corner of a bundle package, the same fundamental requirements for traceability, legibility, and clarity remain essential.

Mx-Series Print and Apply Labelling System

The convenient and secure option for your print and apply labelling needs

The Mx-Series Print and Apply systems provide versatility with their modular design and come equipped with various applicators to fulfil your labelling needs. Paired with a durable printer, they guarantee clear codes on precisely positioned labels, exactly where they’re required. Our labelling technology utilises label and ribbon rolls extending up to 600 metres, resulting in minimal production downtime. The high-quality coding and labelling system boast a 300 dpi resolution achieved through a direct thermal/thermal transfer printer, available in both left-hand and right-hand configurations.

Understanding that the labelling requirements of our customers may change over time, we’ve ensured the provision of a system that can adapt to your evolving needs. This not only saves you effort but also contributes to cost savings.

Throughout the Mx-Series labelling range, we’ve incorporated features such as Autostop and Label Check, enhancing the ease and safety of operation. Coupled with extensive options for customising your labelling equipment and connectivity, you have a dependable solution that aids in boosting uptime, productivity, and supports your business in achieving its sustainability objectives.

Benefits of the Mx-Series Print and Apply Labelling System

  • Simple to install and operate
  • Durable construction
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Precise label positioning
  • Space-saving design
  • Connectivity options
  • Digital variable data capabilities
  • Seamless integration User-friendly interface
  • Adaptable and future-proof

Mx-Series Print and Apply Labelling System Gallery

The M230i-S&SP

Flexible and reliable automated Print and Apply Labelling Systems for your production line

The M230i S&SP Print and Apply Labelling Systems elevate the safety standards for automated front or rear labelling while maintaining exceptional performance. These systems feature automated front or rear labelling while maintaining exceptional performance. These systems feature an integrated Autostop function, enhancing operator safety. Moreover, their compact footprint and adaptable design ensure they meet your specific requirements both now and well into the future.

To provide maximum flexibility, we offer two models: the M230i-S and M230i-SP Print and Apply Labelling systems. The choice between these models depends on factors such as desired throughput, label orientation, available space, operator comfort, and availability.

In order to be as flexible as possible, two models (the M230i-S and M230i-SP Print and Apply Labelling Systems) are available. Factors that determine which model is more appropriate for you are:

  • Desired throughput
  • Label orientation
  • Space availability
  • Operator comfort and availability

For your peace of mind, we provide genuine Domino consumables that are meticulously designed and developed specifically for Domino printers. These consumables not only enhance print quality but also significantly reduce unplanned downtime. Through Domino’s SafeSuply program, we offer agreed-scheduled deliveries, ensuring you have the genuine consumables you need to maintain continuous production without resorting to costly last-minute orders.

Our customers for Print and Apply Labelling Systems include some of the most prominent names in global manufacturing across various sectors, including Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Food, Beverage, Dairy, Construction Materials, and Aerospace, among others.

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Enhanced Uptime for a Maximum Productivity

Engineered with advanced system intelligence to boost production uptime and efficiency.

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Operator-Friendly Design

Featuring an intuitive user interface, seamless navigation, and tool-free consumables changes, the user experience is optimised for utmost ease of use.

Domino M-Series Print and Apply Labelling Systems

The Domino M-Series i-Tech Print and Apply Labelling range offers a highly adaptable modular label coding system for your production line. You have the flexibility to customize the applicator to precisely meet your specific labelling needs, including Tamp Wipe, Blow, Corner Wrap, Side/Front, and Pallet Labelling.

Whether you require traceability or compliance with labelling standards, Domino’s M-Series Plus Print and Apply Systems range provides a truly flexible solution for introducing print and apply label applicator solutions to your production line.

Built upon the foundation of the M230i class-leading printer, the M-Series standard range delivers the ultimate modular label-coding solution. It caters to both standalone units and more intricate integrated systems, featuring a modular design that allows for tailored solutions aligned with your requirements. Our approach prioritizes your comfort and safety, and a diverse range of standard configurations streamlines your selection process, ensuring minimal disruption during integration into your production line.

Corner Wrap Print and Apply Labeller

Domino M230i – T4/T6 Variant – Print & Apply Systems

Modular and flexible Print & Apply labelling

The M230i-T4 and M230i-T6 provide the market’s most compact and reliable Print and Apply Labelling solution. Featuring choices for three standard stroke lengths, seven standard non-stick pad sizes, and left or right-hand configuration, these models, the M230i-T4 and M230i-T6, demonstrate exceptional versatility to cater to your current and future requirements.

 3 reasons to choose the M230i-T4/T6:

  1. User-Friendly OperationIt boasts user-friendly controls and unparalleled functionality, ensuring easy operation.
  2. Reduced Total Cost of OwnershipAnticipate decreased expenses and enhanced efficiency, leading to a reduced total cost of ownership.
  3. Enhanced PerformanceThese systems establish the benchmark for effectiveness, providing enhanced performance in label applications.

Benefits of Tamp Applicator

  • Versatile Multi-Purpose Solution: The Tamp applicator provides versatility and adaptability for a broad spectrum of Print and Apply Labelling applications.
  • Labelling for Moving or Stationary Products: Whether our items are moving or stationary, the Tamp applicator guarantees precise and uniform label positioning.
  • Precise and Consistent Label Position: Anticipate dependable and precise label placement, ensuring a polished and consistent look.
  • Effortless and Quick Pad Changes: Swapping pads is effortless, enabling streamlined maintenance and minimal operational interruptions.
  • Adaptable Labelling Options: You have the flexibility to apply labels on the side, top, or bottom of your products as required.
  • Application of the Last Printed label: The Tamp applicator guarantees accurate application of the latest label, preventing any confusion.
  • Industrial Robust Design: Designed to endure industrial settings, the Tamp applicator is sturdy and resilient.
  • Available in left and Right-Hand Versions: Standard options include both left and right-hand versions, providing flexibility to suit different setup preferences.
Domino M230i T6

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Pallet Labeller Station

For a pallet labelling solution that is flexible, safe, and user-friendly

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