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Introducing the X630i – Advanced Single Pass Digital Printing Press for Labels

Unlock Lucrative Opportunities in Short and Medium-Run Markets

Transforming the Business Model for Corrugated Box Printing

The Domino X630i stands as a state-of-the-art single-pass digital press capable of printing at speeds of up to 75 metres per minute (246 feet per minute) or producing 4,500 sheets per hour. It boasts an impressive print resolution of 600 x 600dpi and can accommodate sheets with a maximum size of 1,600 x 3,000mm. Key features include a servo-controlled leading-edge bottom feeder for continuous feed operation, advanced cleaning and inspection capabilities, a distinctive vacuum sheet transport system, and various drying options, including bundling and stacking output.

The X630i harnesses the proven Generation 6 inkjet platform from Domino, which has achieved success with nearly 1,000 industrial installations. Drawing on over 40 years of inkjet development expertise, the X630i incorporates unique Domino Intelligence Technology, or i-Tech components, to provide a system that blends flexibility with reliability. i-Tech CleanCap introduces automated inkjet cleaning and capping, minimizing maintenance requirements. i-Tech ActiFlow ensures continuous ink recirculation, resulting in more consistent print results. Finally, i-Tech StitchLink ensures precise print head alignment, delivering the highest quality print results.

The incredibly adaptable Domino AQ95 aqueous ink set, incorporating i-Tech PolyM with its outstanding polymeric particles, provides the ability to reliably print on both coated and uncoated corrugated stock, all without requiring a primer or separate bonding agent. Furthermore, this ink set adheres to food packaging regulations.

*Sheet Dimensions: 900mm x 1,500mm (36″ x 60″)

**Maximum Image Dimensions: 3,000mm x 1,345mm (118″ x 53″)

The N730i

Precision in Print Quality at Top Speeds

The N730i, driven by Domino’s state-of-the-art Generation 7 inkjet technology platform, showcases the revolutionary Brother BITSTAR 1200dpi resolution print head. This digital colour label press is intricately crafted to consistently deliver exceptional print quality even during high-speed production, ensuring unmatched reliability.

The Brother BITSTAR print head utilises a mix of the smallest drop sizes at 2.1pl and nominal drop sizes at 2.8pl and 3.3pl. This blend ensures uniform ink density across the entire image, resulting in sharper edges and smoother gradients, ultimately achieving outstanding print quality. The print head’s unique and patented triple-layer polycrystalline micro piezo technology minimises cross-talk, guaranteeing precise nozzle control. This facilitates optimal drop placement accuracy, contributing to superior print results.

The N730i digital colour label press is remarkably user-friendly, incorporating the innovative Domino SunLight Graphical User Interface (GUI). This GUI is flexible, highly intuitive, and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Coupled with Domino’s renowned and enhanced i-Tech intelligent technology features, the N730i boosts efficiency, usability, functionality, and reliability, resulting in increased output, improved profitability, and a greater return on investment.

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N610i Digital Printing Label Press

The Domino N610i revolutionises label printing by seamlessly combining the efficiency of flexographic printing with the flexibility of rapid job change digital technology. This pioneering label press has an industry-standard 333mm (13″) print width, accommodates up to 7 colours, including opaque white, features a 600dpi ‘native’ print resolution, and attains operating speeds of up to 75 metres per minute (246 feet per minute). It is the sole label press that merges the effectiveness of flexo with the agility of swift digital job changes, presenting a robust solution for label printing.


In a half-hour flexo make-ready process, the N610i can generate an impressive 2,250 metres of printed material. This high level of efficiency and reduced lead times can secure up to 10 new customer jobs, providing label printers with outstanding investment prospects. The N610i not only holds the promise of significant sales growth and heightened profitability but also contributes to lowering production costs and streamlining production processes. It serves as a valuable asset for label printers aiming for improved performance and competitiveness in the industry.

Certainly, within a 30-minute flexo make-ready process, the N610i possesses an impressive capability to generate up to 2,250 metres of printed material. This heightened efficiency and decreased lead times can result in securing as many as 10 new customer jobs, establishing the N610i as a compelling investment for label printers. Beyond its potential for substantial sales growth and increased profitability, the N610i also plays a role in reducing production costs and streamlining the production process. This positions the N610i as a valuable asset for label printers aiming to elevate their performance, competitiveness, and overall business success.

N610i Integration Module

The integration module for the N610i can be smoothly integrated into a conventional printing system. This can include flexo stations positioned both before and after the N610i module, alongside screen and foiling stations. Such a configuration accommodates a wide range of product design needs while maintaining the benefit of quick digital changeovers for multiple SKUs.

The N610i integration module enables our customers to establish a digital hybrid press customized to their distinct business needs, offering both flexibility and efficiency.

Key Benefits:

  • Highest Productivity – With printing speeds reaching 75 metres per minute (246 feet per minute), the N610i can handle a width of 340mm. (13.4″) wide media and features 1-metre (39″_ diameter input and output rolls for optimal throughput.
  • Most Consistent Print Results – Domino’s unique i-Tech intelligent technology features distinguish the N610i by guaranteeing uniform print outcomes from one task to another.
  • Best Digital Inkjet Quality – Boasting a native resolution of 600 x 600dpi, the N610i stands as the inkjet label press with the highest native print resolution currently accessible in the market.
  • ActiFlow – This revolutionary ink recirculation system preserves ink temperature and removes dissolved air from the ink, guaranteeing steady print colour and enhanced reliability.
  • CleanCap – A groundbreaking automated station for cleaning and capping print heads ensures consistent performance of print nozzles, ensuring reliable print outcomes and reducing downtime.
  • StitchLink – Using micro-motor controller technology, this function aligns the print heads with precision at the micron level during installation, allowing seamless printing across the entire web width.

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