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The expanding realm of eCommerce requires increasing printing capabilities, and relying solely on analogue printers may prove insufficient. To meet stringent deadlines and cater to a growing number of online brands, printing companies should consider embracing digital corrugated box printing.

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Embrace a Digital Future

In the current market, print runs are becoming shorter, and the number of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) is on the rise. To meet this demand, the ability to handle quick turnaround jobs is essential. With the continuous growth of eCommerce, this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Therefore, incorporating digital corrugated printers into your printing business is not just a means of survival but a pathway to thriving. One of the primary advantages of a Digital Printing machine is its simplicity in setup compared to analogues. Without the need for analogue plates, you can use Print Ready PDFs. Print Ready signifies that it has been prepared for accurate reproduction on the digital machine. This eliminates the costs associated with traditional flexo plates and allows you to tap into the rising trend of online quick turnaround jobs, such as limited releases or subscription boxes. The efficiency of digital printing is a standout feature, enabling faster turnaround times. Digital printing on corrugated boxes minimizes lost production time and reduces waste linked to setup and make-ready, resulting in significant cost savings. With this efficiency, printers can handle an increased volume of printing jobs, especially those demanding quicker turnarounds, as mentioned earlier. It’s straightforward too, as PDF workflows, the current standard for digital machines, and management information systems enable digital corrugated printers to manage more products and SKUs effortlessly.

Introducing the Domino X630i

The Domino X630i corrugated digital press

The Domino X630i is the gateway to success in digital corrugated printing, offering the potential to create new revenue streams. The technology driving this digital print press allows you to strategically plan multiple jobs during the pre-press stage and execute them continuously, achieving the printing of numerous jobs and Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) per hour. There is a noticeable surge in short-run, fast turnaround corrugated packaging jobs. With a growing emphasis on graphics in packaging, brands are seeking ways to optimize their shelf presence and connect with e-commerce customers. As brands increasingly demand shorter supply chains for security reasons and a more rapid response to minimize inventory, the ability to accommodate these needs swiftly and cost-effectively becomes crucial. Printers need to offer a comprehensive range of capabilities to cater to their customer bases. This is where the X630i excels, effortlessly handling short-run, high-graphic jobs at speeds of up to 4,500 sheets per hour. It empowers you to capitalize on short and medium-run market opportunities with profitability.

Hear it from a Domino Custor

Domino had the opportunity to discuss the impact of adopting the Domino X630i corrugated press on Independent II, the first customer in North America. Finn MacDonald shared insights into how going digital has revolutionized his business.

“Unmatched Flexibility” – Addressing Modern Customer Expectations

As eCommerce continues to reshape industries, customer expectations undergo significant shifts. In an era of heightened competition, brands are striving for a competitive edge, encompassing quicker delivery times, distinctive branding, and the ability to deliver the right inventory volume on-demand, all while maintaining competitive pricing. In the corrugated packaging and printing sector, meeting the demand for high-quality printed packaging swiftly is paramount. Digital Printing, with its capacity to print multiple Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) per hour, empowers printers to not only meet but exceed these expectations.

The Demand for Digital

Traditional analogue methods occasionally find it challenging to keep pace with the intricacies of contemporary requirements. In contrast, the Domino X630i digital corrugated press enables you to precisely fulfill customers’ desires promptly. With its improved capabilities, you can increase your printing output while providing a greater range, such as seasonal packaging. This digital solution allows for heightened responsiveness to the continually evolving demands in the packaging landscape.
Corrugated box printing with the Domino X630i

New Business Prospects

“We are substantiating the capability to bring products to the market with the rapidity that consumers require; to consistently offer them a variety of performance and quality choices, as per their demands, and to effectively manage that intricacy at a reasonable cost.” – Finn MacDonald, President, Independent II

Investing in the Domino X630i printing press not only revolutionizes your printing capabilities but also significantly enhances your workflow, enabling you to accomplish more tasks swiftly and cater to a larger customer base. It facilitates faster responses to customer needs and the fulfillment of requests with shorter turnaround times. Importantly, the X630i provides the flexibility to optimize your inventory for increased efficiency. You can utilize it for short-run, fast turnaround jobs while employing existing machinery for longer-run jobs, allowing you to redistribute production across equipment, thereby enhancing efficiency and overall plant productivity.
The future is digital with the Domino X630i

Why Chose Domino as your Partner

“If you examine Domino’s remarkable success in the global label printing sector, they rapidly became a market leader in that field,” states Finn MacDonald. “Now, they are leveraging this expertise for the corrugated industry. They possess a solid track record in digital inkjet technology, innovative solutions, and effective leadership.” With nearly 43 years of experience, Domino offers outstanding support, global service, and expertise for clients in the digital printing sector.

Relvolutionising your Business Through Investment

“If there’s a printing press we can invest in to enhance our market delivery within the expected timeframe, you have to consider that investment. You evaluate the cost of not taking this step, and in today’s fast-paced world, we can’t afford to wait. So, we must approach it with a perspective of lost opportunities and gained capacity.” – Finn MacDonald, President, Independent II

Investing in digital printing for corrugated boxes introduces the flexibility needed for a company to expand. Enhancing your capacity with a digital corrugated printer not only improves overall production efficiency but also unlocks numerous potential sales opportunities. “A guiding principle on my mind has been ➡️ Everyday digital for the corrugated industry⬅️. What you need is a partnership that allows you to make the investment, and that’s the partnership the Domino team provides at all levels. You not only need the technology, but you also need reliability. The X630i has a solid track record of transfer and print technology,” says Finn.

To see how investing in a Domino X630i can help your business grow, click here.

More Details About the Domino X630i

More details about the Domino X630i

Built on Domino’s established and trustworthy Generation 6 inkjet technology, which has nearly 1000 installations worldwide, the X630i boasts a compact footprint, measuring only 12m x 7m (38 x 21ft) – excluding the optional stacker. Despite its modest size, we’ve integrated cutting-edge technology into its design. Our press is ideal for printing on:

  • Shipping boxes
  • Shelf-ready packaging
  • Point of purchase displays
  • Point of sale displays
  • Freestanding display units

Fueled by Intelligent Technology

Domino’s distinctive i-Tech intelligent technology components collaborate to establish a dependable and adaptable digital printing system. You can achieve elevated productivity levels through the print head cleaning and capping capabilities of i-Tech CleanCap technology. This automated system efficiently cleans and readies the print heads for production within a few minutes, eliminating the need for manual cleaning. This not only accelerates the printing initiation but also minimizes the risk of unintentional damage. Ensure seamless print quality across your corrugated sheets with i-Tech StitchLink micro-motor controllers, precisely aligning each print head for flawless printing. The i-Tech ActiFlow ink circulation system guarantees consistent print results, ensuring reliability across numerous print jobs. ActiFlow technology eliminates the formation of micro air bubbles, enhancing ink-jetting stability by maintaining a constant temperature. Witness Matt Condon guiding you through Domino’s intelligent technology:

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Compliance: Water-Based Ink Set

The X630i employs Domino’s groundbreaking AQ95 aqueous ink set. Its distinctive i-Tech PolyM polymeric particles enable printing on both coated and uncoated corrugated topliners without necessitating a primer or bonding agent. Furthermore, it maintains compliance with food packaging standards (Swiss Ordinance, EuPIA, and Nestle compliant), making it suitable for numerous non-direct food packaging applications.

Complete Purchasing Flexibility

For those eager to embark on short-run printing projects promptly, we’ve streamlined the purchasing process with the Domino In-House Leasing Programme:

  • Simple and adaptable with competitive low rates
  • Comprehensive monthly payments covering: X630i, Service, Training, Digital Solutions Programme
  • No significant upfront expenses or personal guarantees needed
  • Future-proof trade-in guarantee initiative
  • Direct interaction with us, eliminating involvement with banks or external leasing entities

Benefit from a global support network tailored to Domino Generation 6 inkjet technology. Skilled local engineers worldwide back over 1000 installations.

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