Becton Dickinson Employs the Domino K600i for Imprinting Codes on their Syringe Packages for the AstraZeneca Vaccine

The arrival of the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine has brought a much-needed and positive development in the ongoing battle against the global pandemic. Governments worldwide are exerting extensive efforts to swiftly vaccinate their populations, aiming to establish immunity and mitigate the spread of the virus. Developed in the UK by Oxford University and AstraZeneca, the vaccine is currently being distributed globally. Becton Dickinson, a prominent global medical technology company, has been chosen by the UK government to supply a substantial order of syringes and needles, known as Flu+, for the vaccine administration. These medical components are produced at Becton Dickinson’s Fraga facility in the province of Huesca, Spain. In collaboration with Becton Dickinson in Spain, Domino Amjet Ibérica is involved in various printing and coding projects, including the utilization of Domino’s high-speed K600i inkjet printing technology to digitally imprint unique codes onto the external paper packaging of the needles and syringes used for the Covid-19 vaccine.
The Domino K600i variable ink jet printerThe decision to integrate the K600i UV inkjet digital printer into the Becton Dickinson packaging machinery represented a bold and ambitious step. The objective was to tackle the printing challenges faced with alternative marking systems, including slow and inefficient changeovers with numerous SKUs, frequent stoppages and downtime for consumable replacements, recurring print failures, and insufficient print speed. At the Becton Dickinson facility in the Aragonese town of Fraga, the packaging machines for syringes and needles operate at an exceptionally high speed, demanding the utmost in quality, speed, and reliability from the printing equipment to meet the demands of rapid and extensive production.

“We are pleased that Becton Dickinson decided to incorporate the Domino K600i digital inkjet printer into their packaging manufacturing process. The K600i proved capable of meeting their stringent requirements for high-quality printing, leading to a significant reduction in miscoding rejects. This improvement was achieved without compromising print speed, and it also contributed to substantial cost savings in the printing process for Becton Dickinson.” – Manuel Hernández, Business Manager of Domino Digital Printing Solutions for Iberia and Latin America.

Product example printed with Domino K600i The K600i is built on Domino’s established and dependable Generation 6 inkjet technology, which has been installed in nearly 1000 locations worldwide. For further details about this adaptable monochrome UV digital inkjet printer and its capabilities in high-speed packaging printing, please explore the K600i product page.

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