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The R-Series Code Verification System is Smart, Flexible & Powerful

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Introducing the Modern Code Verification System

The R-Series Code Verification System is an intelligent code inspection system series created by Domino, carefully crafted and optimized for seamless integration with our range of printers. With the R-Series, inspecting each code and detecting potential issues before they impact your production process has become more straightforward.

The R-Series efficiently eliminates the requirement for labor-intensive manual inspections, resulting in decreased waste and aiding in minimizing costs and potential harm to your brand.


Code with Assurance

Ensure the legibility of every code.

Protect Your Brand

Minimize the risk of regulatory and retailer penalties.

Eliminate Unnecessary Waste

Reduce costs associated with scrap and recalls.

Automate Code Checking

Eliminate the need for costly manual inspections.

The Strength of a Coordinated Strategy – Fulfilling All Your Requirements from a Reliable Source

Why not opt for coding and coding inspection from one dependable provider? It’s a sensible decision!

Facilitates installation and smooth integration with your coding system. Customized to align with Domino fonts and printing functionalities. A unified Domino user interface to streamline the learning processes. Engineered to effortlessly accommodate and integrate future Domino upgrades. Most notably, relying on a single supplier means having a singular point of contact for all your coding and inspection system requirements.

R-Series Code Inspection Vision System R550

R550 – Code Verify

Code with absolute assurance using our comprehensive code verification solution. Achieve complete protection and meet the performance and product integrity requirements essential for your production process.

R-Series Code Inspection Vision System R350

R350 – Code Quality

Do you prefer not to be concerned about code accuracy? The R350 automatically detects typical printing issues and ensures the legibility of Machine Readable Codes.

R-Series Code Inspection Vision System R150

R150 – Code Check

The introductory-level solution is designed for basic code inspection needs. The R150 effectively checks the code’s presence and position, providing essential safeguards for your production process.

Chat With an Expert About The Domino R-Series Range of Code Verification Systems

The Code Verification Systems within the R-Series are an ideal visual solution for Domino printers. Once you’ve invested in the reliability and robustness of a Domino coding solution, safeguarding your production output with a dedicated Code Verification System becomes imperative.

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