Mx350i-S & SP Print and Apply Labelling System

Front, rear, side, or corner print and apply labelling can be efficiently accomplished with the Mx350i-T Print and Apply Labelling System.
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Is ensuring traceability a priority for your business?

Our Mx350i-S and Mx350i-SP print and apply labellers cater to this need with customisable installations tailored to various labelling processes in diverse manufacturing environments. Whether you require labels on the front, rear, top, side, or corner of a moving product or package, our engineering teams can assist in identifying the suitable applicator and solution. The modular design empowers you and Domino to configure the equipment to meet your specific requirements:

  • Choose between left or right-hand variants.
  • Opt for either 4-inch or 6-inch printers.
  • Select from applicator arms measuring 130mm or 270mm.
  • Utilise abundant numbers of Tamp pads.

Moreover, with three distinct running modes, transitioning from labelling one side to two sides of the product, or adapting to a corner wrap application, is seamless. This provides unparalleled flexibility in your labelling and traceability processes.

Mx350ik-S & SP labelling a box
Mx350i-T print and apply labelling system applying a label to a product
Label Position
Top, Side or Bottom
Label Content
Static, dynamic, or variable data can be effortlessly incorporated, encompassing texts, logos, graphics, and a wide array of barcodes including 1D codes such as EAN-13, Code-39, and Code-128, along with 2D codes like Data Matrix, GS1, DUN-14, QR code, and beyond.
The MX350i-T is versatile enough to label various packaging types, including bags, flexibles, pouches, trays, boxes, packages, shrink wrap, cases, cartons, and more.
The MX350i-T is compatible with a diverse range of materials, including paper, plastics, metal, glass, cardboard, flexible film, foils, wood, and corrugated board.
mx350i-T's advanced connectivity options make it easy to integrate
The Mx350i-T can be easily operated
The Mx350i-T is easily adaptable to meet your needs.

integration Made Easy

The advanced connectivity options of the Mx350i facilitate seamless integration with ERP, WMS, and MES systems within your factory.

Compact and versatile, the Mx350i-S & Mx350i-SP printing and labelling systems can be effortlessly integrated into any production line. Available in both left- and right-hand variants, they are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Ease of Use

The integrated user interface (UI) and optional remote 10-inch touchscreen are both crafted for straightforward navigation.

The sturdy design and intelligent functionality of the Mx350i-S and Mx350i-SP reduce the time required for media changes and maintenance, thereby enhancing production uptime.


With three distinct running modes, transitioning from labelling one side of a product to labelling two sides or a corner wrap application is effortless.

The Mx350i-S and Mx350i-SP are durably constructed, offering the flexibility to accommodate your changing labelling requirements without requiring costly investments.

A comprehensive solution tailored to meet all your labelling requirements

Ribbon for print and apply labelling system
Manage product codes from a central location


If it’s crucial for you to have legible machine-readable texts and codes on your labels, ensure you exclusively utilise Domino’s authentic solvent-free and high-quality ribbon. We offer a wide selection of ribbon grades catering to both general-purpose and specialised needs.

Control Codes

Efficiently oversee your product codes from a centralised hub and simplify the process of transitioning between products. Domino Automation employs standard communication protocols and seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP systems.

Service & Support

With a national presence, Codico provides both high-quality support. Coupled with flexible financial services and top-notch training services, you can maximise the value of your investment.

Code Verification

Guarantee the accuracy of every code leaving your factory while freeing up operator time. Domino’s R-Series presents a smart, adaptable, and robust vision system range.

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