Irwin’s Bakery

Irwin’s Bakery achieves accurate and consistent coding with Domino’s TTO systems.
Irwin’s Bakery is Northern Ireland’s most well-known bakery, with over a hundred years of producing high quality breads, cakes and biscuits in Portadown, County Armagh. With older coding systems creating a bottleneck on a very busy production line, Irwin’s made the decision to incorporate Domino’s V-Series technology, installing over twenty V230i Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) units across the plant.

Millmount Healthcare

Irish pharmaceutical contract packaging provider Millmount Healthcare has experienced increased cost savings and equipment effectiveness following the installation of Domino Printing Sciences’ V230i thermal transfer printer to its packaging hall as part of a
compliance upgrade.

Confronting coding challenges in the bakery industry

Consistent year on year growth of the food industry means that packaged food requirements are steadily increasing across the world. Chief among these is ensuring that ‘best before’ dates, barcodes and traceability information are clearly and accurately printed onto all types of packaging. This is particularly relevant in the baking industry, one of the most diverse food sub-sectors.

Domino Hidden challenges Pharma White Paper

In the almost 40 years since counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products was recognised as a problem by the World Health Organization (WHO), the industry has waged a constant battle against increasingly sophisticated and organised counterfeiters, with drug packaging serving as one of its foremost defenses.

Allergens and the agenda for change

Food allergens have the potential to be lethal or, at the very least, cause considerable suffering or discomfort to allergy sufferers. The European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) estimates 17 million allergy sufferers throughout Europe. With increased allergic and food intolerant incidences on the rise, especially amongst children, any attempt to reduce allergic reactions to food consumption, through comprehensive labelling, makes sense. Read more >>

Unique Device Identification for Medical Devices

Unique Device Identification (UDI) has been recognised as a key tool in improving patient outcomes. More efficient recall procedures, reduced medical errors, increased inventory visibility and supply chain security are all enabled through UDI.
Under the FDA rule, if manufacturers have not implemented UDI on a number of product categories by September 2014 they may no longer be able to supply product into the USA, with other markets expected to follow shortly with similar legislation. Fee payers and healthcare providers, such as the NHS, will not accept devices without UDI style identification. Read more >>

Unique Product Identification

Introduction – Until a few years ago, most consumers ignored why products carry human and machine-readable
codes. It is fair to assume their closest encounter with coding technology was usually checking ‘best
before’ and ‘use by’ labels in the supermarket.

Green Angel Cosmetics

Green Angel is an award winning luxurious range of Irish skincare, hair care and bath care preparations, which are based on the fusion of Irish seaweed and natural essential oils. The duel energy blend of their unique qualities pro-vides Green Angel Irish Skincare with a truly outstanding range.

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