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Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ)
Fast & Flexible Date Coding
Scribbing CO2 Laser
High Speed Sharp Coding
Thermal Ink Jet
HD Carton & Case Coding
Thermal Transfer Overprint
Flexible Packaging
Print & Apply
Label Applicators
Fibre Laser
Crisp Permanent Markings

Maintain Compliance With A Medical Mask Coding Solution

About us
We’re No. 1 in Ireland
We are truly experts in Industrial Print Solutions! With over 30 years experience in providing our customers with coding, marking, and labelling solutions, Codico remains the market leader in industrial coding solutions. We have 10 fully trained engineers who are geographically placed throughout Ireland (North & South) to provide our customers with the technical support they need to keep their production lines running for longer.
30 Years Experience
Our heritage lies in service and support since 1988.
All of our ink, fluids, ribbons and accessories are stocked locally in Ireland.
Spare Parts
We only use Domino approved spare parts.
We can integrate our software in to your production line and processes.
Project Management
Our project management team is available to ensure your installation is delivered on time.
Global Leading Partners
We work with many global OEM machine manufacturers such as Krones for Beverages.
End to End Solutions
We deliver printers, handling and verification to your production lines.
Product Warranty
12 months manufacturers’ warranty on all Domino Printers.

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“ Ultimately, the reason for choosing Domino was the proven reliability of its offering, as well as its second-to-none technical support and an increased coding consistency from their latest generation of printers. ”

David Holmes, Operational Director at Irwin’s Bakery.

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