Medical masks are considered Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and are categorised as medical devices. Consequently, they are subject to regulations, such as the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR), and require appropriate labelling. Collaborating with Codico can provide medical device and mask manufacturers with solutions to meet the necessary legal requirements. Codico offers cutting-edge Inkjet Coding Solutions designed to assist medical device manufacturers in swiftly and seamlessly implementing compliant and automated coding on various types of medical device packaging. This partnership helps ensure that manufacturers can adhere to regulatory standards in their coding and marking processes.

Primary Single Product Code Deployment In the context N95/KN95 medical masks, manufacturers are typically obligated to print various pieces of information on each mask, including the model number, a brief description of its intended use, the manufacturer’s logo, and traceability information. Domino’s thermal inkjet printer is well-equipped to address the diverse coding requirements for medical masks, offering the following benefits:


  • Easy Integration: The printer’s modular design control board and print heads can be seamlessly integrated into customer production lines.
  • High-Resolution Printing: The printer supports high-resolution inkjet printing of up to 600dpi, ensuring clear and distinct printing of items like logos.
  • Compliance Assurance: Domino provides a GAMP Certification Guide, giving medical device customers confidence in meeting compliance requirements.
  • Ink Variety: A wide selection of inks is available, delivering high-contrast results while ensuring operator safety throughout the coding process.

Primary and Secondary Packaging Code Deployment For both primary and secondary packaging of medical masks, it is essential to mark the packaging boxes and bags with critical information like the production date, production batch number, date of expiry, and a tracking 2-D barcode containing batch-specific details. Domino’s Ax-Series small character inkjet printers offer an efficient and stable solution for coding medical mask production.

  • Fast and Clear Printing: These printers ensure fast printing of legible and distinct codes on packaging materials.
  • Maintenance-Free Operation: The printers are designed to be maintenance-free, reducing machine downtime and enhancing production line efficiency.
  • Versatile Coding: They support versatile communication for high-speed serialisation and variable 2-D barcodes, meeting the traceability requirements.
  • Durability: Domino’s printers are highly durable, and capable of withstanding harsh production environments, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • GMP-Compliant Inks: GMP-compliant inks are available to help customers meet the necessary medical device certification requirements.
  • Cloud-Enabled Platforms: Domino offers smart, cloud-enabled platforms to optimise production line efficiency, facilitating better control and monitoring of coding processes.

Tertiary Packaging: Outer Case Labeling Domino’s outer case label printers are ideal for tertiary packaging applications and offer a unique dual-pad design for precise label placement and high-quality, readable prints throughout the printing process. These printers come with several features that make them efficient and reliable.

  • Touchpanel Colour User Interface: An optional touchpanel colour user interface provides an at-a-glance monitoring capability for easy control and supervision.
  • Intuitive Software Interface: The intuitive software interface makes operation straightforward, reducing the learning curve and improving ease of use.
  • Enhanced Print Head Lift: These printers have an extended print head life, which translates to lower material wastage and reduced downtime due to print head replacements.
  • Large Ribbon and Label Roll Capacity: With a 600-metre ribbon and label roll capacity, these printers can run longer without frequent ribbon or label roll changes.
  • Dual-Pad Design: The unique dual-pad design ensures accuracy and the ability to handle various label sizes, making it versatile for different packaging requirements.
  • Easy Integration: Domino’s collaboration with leading software companies ensures simple integration for through-process serialisation, enabling seamless communication and data handling throughout the packaging process.

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