Near unanimity among 1,000 respondents to Engineers Journal survey in answering ‘yes’ that Ireland should invest in becoming world leader in Industry 4.0 development and implementation


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The term Industry 4.0 has been a hot topic of discussion in manufacturing over the last 2-3 years. However, do people really know what it means and more importantly are they implementing its practices? The term Industry 4.0 was coined to represent the 4th industrial revolution and a nod to high tech naming techniques (version name point zero). According to KPMG, Industry 4.0 is a collective term used around the world to describe the convergence of IoT (internet of things) driven technologies, augmented decision making and advanced automation. These next-generation technologies are fundamentally transforming the traditional value chain by opening new revenue streams and driving a step change in business performance.

Suggested 6 key dimensions of Industry 4.0

  1. Strategy and business model
  2. Technologies & systems
  3. Goverance & risk management
  4. People
  5. Operational excellence
  6. Customer experience

A recent survey from Engineers Ireland found a mere 26 per cent said their company was ‘investing in Industry 4.0’, with a third answering negatively (33 per cent), and 40 saying they didn’t know. This shows a significant amount of uncertainty from Irish manufacturing companies surrounding the term.

Most people see the logic in IOT & using automation to increase productivity on the manufacturing floor but from our experience in coding & marking solutions, our technical team at Codico still witness large manufacturers wasting time manually typing in codes and selecting messages. These manual practices can be a risky. We have seen product recall after product recall enforced due to wrong dates printed on to product packaging. This can be harmful to a brand’s image and costly to the bottom line not to mention friction with the public and the retailers.

Coding Automation

Codico have been working tirelessly over the past 2 years putting together a new way of thinking. Our new direction promotes the following tools to help achieve new Industry 4.0 standards: coding & line automation, systems integration, data transfer, bar code reading, print inspection via vision systems, intelligent labelling, remote monitoring of printers and preventative fault information via cloud.

We have create 3 areas under our Coding Automation banner: 1. LineControl 360, 2. Code Check Vision Systems and 3. Domino Cloud Service.

What are the benefits of Coding Automation?

  • Seemless message syncronisation between your ERP/MES/Database and Domino printers across production lines.
  • Increases production efficiency and reduces the amount of time spent manually inputting messages
  • Reduces coding errors and possible product recalls.
  • Ensures accuracy and speeds up label application across primary, secondary and tertiay packaging levels (pack, carton & pallet).
  • Allows messages to be sent from a central location and confirmation at floor level before printing.
  • Complete traceability when connected to a vision system for Code Check capabilities.
  • Remote printer monitoring when using Domino Cloud.



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