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Fibre Laser System With Automatic Object Identification (AOI)

ACI Laser of Germany, introduces a Fibre Marking Laser system which utilises an integrated camera that automatically identifies and adapts to laser mark individual components. The camera communicates with the laser software MagicMark to adapt to the postion, location and contour of each part. The fibre laser then automatically moves along the y and z axis within the workstation to mark the component in the desired location.
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Introducing the New Domino Ax-Series of CIJ Printers

Introducing the new Ax-Series range of Continuous Ink Jet Printers from Domino Printing. Domino deconstructed Continuous Ink Jet as we’ve known it for the past four decades – before rebuilding it as a better, faster, more responsive and cost-effective technology. Experience the Domino Ax-Series and rethink Continuous Ink Jet.
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New ACI Fibre Laser – Book Your Onsite Demonstration

Book your free, no-obligation, onsite Laser demonstration today. Upon your request, we can carry out sample marking on your material and provide you with a detailed sample report. This will enable you to choose the right marking laser technology for your material.
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