“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” Peter F. Drucker.

Waterford Company Codico Distributors Ltd was established to market and support Domino Printing equipment in Ireland. Domino Printing, a subsidiary of Brother Industries of Japan, is one of the leading global manufacturers of coding and marking equipment. Typically, the technology is used by manufacturing companies to print date codes, batch and lot numbers, barcodes and to apply labels and other traceability markings on to their packaging.

In April 1988, the company was founded by the Joint Managing Directors, Cliff and Margaret Bond. The idea for the company came from a strong belief that traceability in packaged goods was going to become a big deal in the future. Codico were one of the first companies to support CIJ printing in Ireland. In 1990, the company also a subsidiary office in Newry Co. Down (Codico Distributors NI) which was established to support their Northern Ireland customers.

Headquartered in the Cleaboy Business Park, Old Kilmeaden Road, Codico now employs 30 people in total within a number of departments such as Technical Support, Sales & Marketing, Accounts and Administration. Their Technical Support Team are situated throughout the island and offer a 7-day emergency breakdown support service and can guarantee their customers an average response time of 8 hours.

Noel Dalton, Operations Director, states “we are adding value to our customers by enabling them to print, label and implement traceability on their products. These functions are of a significant importance because if there is a breakdown in their equipment that means more than likely that production will have to halt. We have the experience and strength in numbers in our team to get them back up and running typically within 24 hours. That’s why aftercare and service are fundamental to our business”.

Products offered include Continuous Inkjet Printing, Laser Marking (Co2 & Fibre), Thermal Inkjet, Thermal Transfer Overprinting, Case Coding, Print & Apply Labelling, and Labelling Automation. In 2016, Codico added Coding Automation to its business. This side of the business works under the banner of Industry 4.0 and provides a site wide solution using software and hardware (printers, barcode scanners and cameras) to create a fully connected automated coding solution for manufacturers. This includes the ability to control, create and verify that the correct code or label is applied to each product. Thus, eliminating errors that arise from human error and other inconsistencies which occur within a production line. Codico now has the added feature to remotely monitor printers and prevent breakdowns on customers’ site with the new Domino Cloud product.

Over the past 30 years, Codico has supported many local charities such as St. Joseph’s Community Childcare Centre, the Lions Club, the Jack & Jill Foundation, and the St. Vincent DePaul. They have also sponsored a number of Waterford-area Culture and Arts programmes.

For more information, please visit www.codico-distributors.com.

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