Codico has been supplying digital printing solutions to the security printing market for an extensive period, collaborating with numerous key OEMs and integrators in this sector.

Whether you require the tracking and reconciliation of documents, materials, or products, or seek to implement anti-counterfeit or parallel trade measures for packaging, Codico offers a diverse array of Digital Printing Technologies and solutions. These options facilitate the seamless application of security features to your products.

Our digital products are capable of generating a variety of codes, including straightforward alphanumeric codes and sequential numbering. They also support a diverse range of industry-standard machine-readable codes that require high-resolution printing at speeds of up to 200 metres per minute. We provide a choice of aqueous, solvent, UV-readable, and taggant-based inks to meet the growing security demands.

Codico also has the ability to handle industry-standard data file formats and a range of data management functions commonly used in this industrial sector. This includes tasks like print confirmation, reconciliation, vision inspection, matching, and verification. Additionally, Codico is well-equipped to accommodate PDF workflow formats and IPDS data streaming for more complex data requirements.

Codico’s range of products offers the following capabilities:

  1. Digital Cold Foiling: This unique solution serves as a robust measure for brand protection, enhancing security and countering counterfeiting. It proves effective in niche applications, providing both traceability and product embellishment.

  2. B2 Sheet-fed Inkjet Solution: Utilizing UV-curable or aqueous inks, this solution is designed for security fiscal tax stamps, event tickets, game cards, and phone cards. The B2 sheet-fed inkjet solution delivers high-quality digital variable data printing at speeds of up to 200m/min, making it ideal for tasks like back numbering and personalisation.

  3. Monochrome Printing: Offering high-quality digital variable data printing at speeds of up to 200m/min, this solution is well-suited for back numbering and personalisation needs.

  4. High Opacity White Ink: Providing a cost-effective alternative to screen printing, this solution offers the operational flexibility of a digital process. It incorporates high-opacity white ink for a striking appearance.

  5. Fluorescent UV-readable Inks: Tailored for brand protection and security printing, the combination of Variable Data Printing (VDP) and fluorescence contributes to a strong complexity rating.

Digital Cold Foiling: A distinctive approach to brand protection, traceability, and product embellishment, this technology enhances security and acts as an effective anti-counterfeiting measure in various specialized applications. By integrating variable printing onto customer-specific holographic foils, it introduces heightened complexity that is exceptionally challenging to replicate.

The advanced inkjet printing technology of the Domino K600i enables the printing of variable text, security marks, and graphics at speeds of up to 75m/min. This is achieved without the need for ‘make ready’ or special tools, eliminating the use of plates or dies and offering a low-maintenance solution. The digital cold foiling feature proves to be an efficient method for short-run production with reduced lead times.

B3 Sheet Fed Applications

This adaptable, high-speed, and scalable system excels in overprinting fully personalized, variable, and secure data. Particularly suitable for applications like security fiscal stamps, event tickets, game and phone cards, pharmaceuticals, and light-carton packaging. The Domino K600i solution has the capability to print real-time or variable data, codes, or graphics with high quality, achieving speeds of up to 120m/min.

The solution is versatile, offering compatibility with both UV-curable and aqueous inks, and can be configured with print widths ranging from 108mm to 782mm.

UV Fluorescent Ink Applications

Tailored for the security market, Codico has recently introduced a transparent security ink that exhibits a green hue under UV light. This solution is particularly well-suited for printing secure and covert 2D codes, barcodes, alphanumeric codes, images, and graphics, featuring the capability for Variable Data Printing (VDP). The incorporation of both VDP and fluorescence yields an impressive complexity rating that would be exceedingly challenging to reproduce. This ink is ideal for enhancing security features on currency, tax stamps, passports, etc., acting as a deterrent against forgery. Additionally, it can be applied to labels and packaging for traceability, providing protection against counterfeiting and parallel trade.

The technology seamlessly integrates into current web-fed presses, standalone roll-to-roll solutions, or finishing lines. It introduces enhanced security features without affecting production uptime.

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