We are launching a new inkjet printer for direct-to-box coding on secondary packaging. Welcome the Domino Cx350i high-resolution inkjet printer.

In an interview with David Edwards, Product Manager for the Cx350i, we concentrate on three key areas: print quality, usability, and connectivity, and we unveil why this new Industry 4.0-ready printer would be the ideal addition to your packaging line.

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What sets the Cx350i apart from the legacy C-Series?

The Cx350i surpasses its predecessors, incorporating all the features that customers have appreciated in our legacy products while integrating them with Domino’s x-generation technology. This aligns with the current preferences of manufacturers for connected, automated systems that can be remotely monitored and analysed from any location.

The blend of drop size, print resolution, and Domino-developed ink is nearly flawless, ensuring consistent, high-contrast printing directly onto your boxes and cases. Using the user-friendly QuickStep touchscreen interface, which will be familiar to Domino customers, you can easily adjust settings or create an entirely new print layout.

With a wide range of connectivity options such as Dynamark and EtherNet/IP, integration into factory equipment is straightforward. Domino Cloud compatibility provides 24/7 visibility of your printer’s performance utilisation. All of these features contribute to enhancing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and optimising your profitability.

Which key industries and applications is the Cx350i best positioned?

As the slogan suggests, it’s “big on boxes!” The Cx350i is squarely focused on coding porous (uncoated) boxes. Serving as an alternative to print-and-apply labelling technology, it is suitable for nearly every manufacturing sector, including food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and various other industries.

With Industry 4.0-ready features and a contemporary appearance, the Cx350i serves as an ideal upgrade for Domino C-Series customers. The printer is compatible with our QuickDesign automation software and can be seamlessly integrated into ERP systems. It facilitates the direct connection of a barcode reader for code validation, and with Domino Cloud connectivity, it can assist in identifying issues before they result in downtime.

The Cx350i prints large label formats directly onto boxes and cases.

Why choose a Cx350i specifically?

The Cx350i is referred to as a “piezo inkjet” printer (PIJ). This technology combines a large print area with high-resolution inkjet printing, allowing it to produce graphics, text, and GS1-128 compliant barcodes directly onto boxes and cases without the need for attaching labels.

Choosing a PIJ printer leads to lower total ownership costs and reduced waste compared to using print-and-apply labelling technology. This enhances overall operational efficiency and supports manufacturers in achieving sustainability goals. When coupled with Domino’s non-hazardous vegetable oil-based inks, this printer allows manufacturers to generate high-quality codes while significantly reducing environmental impact.

How does the Cx350i compare to existing printers?

Direct printing on boxes is an excellent method for manufacturers to simplify processes, reduce costs, and minimize waste. However, the market has lacked a reliable solution—enter the Cx350i: a dependable, stress-free answer to today’s coding requirements for secondary packaging.

With its robust print head, user-friendly touchscreen, and contemporary connectivity options, the Cx350i outshines existing, outdated printing alternatives.

In developing the Cx350i, we ensured not only to incorporate improvements surpassing existing technology but also to retain features from our legacy printers that our customers found advantageous for their production lines. The sizable internal ink reservoir allows infrequent ink changes “on the fly” without disrupting production. The multi-head capability from a single ink base facilitates print layouts up to 260mm in height or printing onto multiple sides of a box using a single Cx350i controller. By understanding industry needs and building upon our already outstanding products, we’ve created a reliable, current, and user-friendly printer that our customers will appreciate.

How is the Cx350i more than just a printer?

The Cx350i is Industry 4.0 ready and is compatible with all our latest services designed to seamlessly integrate the packaging coding and marking process into production lines. These services enhance operational efficiency, integrate into existing ERP systems alongside Domino’s QuickDesign automation software, and ensure compatibility with Domino’s future coding automation solutions for the long term.

Direct connectivity for barcode readers allows manufacturers to promptly validate codes after printing. This also provides the opportunity for integration with the R-Series vision control range.

In the rare event of a problem, Domino’s SafeGuard packages, featuring remote diagnostics, can identify issues before they impact your production line. This data is then transmitted to the secure Domino Cloud for a precise solution, accessible to you and remotely analyzable by our engineers.

Our Domino Helpdesk is available to discuss any straightforward fixes, and we offer augmented reality-enabled remote engineer guidance. Recognizing that seconds of downtime translate to lost revenue, ensuring uninterrupted production is our top priority.

If you think the Cx350i could be the perfect solution to your packaging line, get in touch.

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