Coding onto cartons presents a set of formidable challenges, particularly concerning the potential for coding errors that, in sectors like pharmaceuticals, can have life-or-death consequences and result in significant fines for manufacturers. Similarly, in the food sector, coding errors may lead to fines and the risk of losing contracts with major buyers. Legible codes, or machine-readable codes in certain applications, are essential for achieving legislative compliance and ensuring customer safety, with traceability being critical in the pharmaceutical sector.

Moreover, durability of the code, especially for use-by dates, is paramount, requiring codes to remain readable for the entire product lifespan. This complexity is further compounded by the need to apply these codes in fractions of a second to each carton, with some cartons requiring unique item-level codes.

To address these challenges in both the pharmaceutical and food sectors, which use a diverse range of carton types, several technologies offer solutions. One such technology is Continuous Inkjet Printing, exemplified by Domino’s Ax-Series. This revolutionary continuous inkjet printing technology boasts exceptional speed, flexibility, and droplet accuracy, enabling the application of high-quality text, graphics, and QR codes on commonly used carton materials. The Ax-Series ensures excellent print quality, even at high production speeds, through automatic adjustment of ink viscosity. Additionally, it utilizes fast-drying and highly durable alcohol-based inks, contributing to more environmentally-friendly operations by reducing solvent use. With easy setup and control, lightweight design, higher Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and extended run times without stoppages, the Ax-Series minimizes operational downtime.

Ensure maximum uptime on your production lines with our support packages tailored for the Ax-Series, designed for service-free operation. The Ax-Series comes equipped with Domino Cloud, a remote diagnostics service that proactively monitors your technology. This proactive monitoring helps your machines run faster and for longer durations without stoppages. Additionally, you have the option to extend warranties, access training courses conducted by fully qualified engineers, and benefit from a network of technicians available for site visits, all aligned with our Domino Customer Standard commitments.

For an alternative solution to address carton coding challenges, Domino’s Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) range, specifically the Gx-Series, offers versatility, ease of integration, and straightforward operation, requiring only simple ink cartridge replacement. The TIJ printers, with the option of multiple printheads, enable the printing of numerous lines of code at speeds up to 300m/min, with dry times of less than half a second. Whether it’s TrueType, alphanumeric text, batch codes, barcodes, or 2D data metrics, Domino’s TIJ range delivers high-contrast, scratch-resistant codes with a lifespan exceeding the two-year industry standard.

Laser coding, known for its speed, legibility, and durability, is a popular choice in the pharmaceutical sector. Domino’s laser range not only promises these advantages but also ensures lower long-term running costs and environmentally-friendly operation. By eliminating the need for inks or solvents and incorporating automatic temperature cooling, the laser range has the potential to make operations more eco-friendly. Additionally, Domino’s laser range is capable of delivering both human-readable and 2D matrix coding at high speeds.

QuickDesign simplifies the process of label design, providing easy control over label creation operations. Whether on the production line or in the back office, QuickDesign helps significantly reduce the risk of coding errors. Ensure full compliance and complete control of package messaging, from product to pallet, directly from the factory floor through automated coding operations. Manage your data effortlessly using a user-friendly touchscreen PC interface and create precise labels from a built-in product table. When it comes to coding onto cartons, trust us as we collaborate with Domino, whose technologies are employed by some of the largest manufacturers for fast and accurate coding operations. If you’re interested in a demonstration of these products, feel free to get in touch!

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