Through the evolution of the retail industry, products have failed or succeeded based on how they meet consumer needs, which consistently change, thus encouraging retail packaging solutions to evolve to meet market needs.

Within modern retail, consumers hold the power and create demand amongst other consumers within a shopper-brand dynamic. This is incredibly apparent in the FMCG sector which thrives on high-volume and fast decision making.

The store shelf is one of the most competitive advertising spaces in any industry, as your product must stand out against competitors. Your packaging could be a key differentiator that encourages a consumer to purchase your product over a competitor’s.

In recent years, packaging has become part of the value proposition, and is of course, subject to the same trends and influences that guide the products within it.

There are many retail packaging trends that we expect to continue to grow in popularity throughout 2021 and beyond, which can benefit business and ensure repeat custom.


A retail packaging trend that is globally recognised as important is sustainability. Many companies are making the conscious decision to evolve their packaging into more sustainable and environmentally friendly options, primarily due to the high demand from consumers. It has become apparent in recent years that consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. As awareness of climate change continues to grow amongst consumers of all demographics, many now consider themselves as ‘environmentally aware’.

Clear Labelling

Clear product information is of the utmost importance to consumers. Consumers across all demographics have become even more aware of what they are eating, and because of this companies. Within Ireland, food brands must remain compliant with various regulations, ensuring clear, concise and legible information must be given.

E-Commerce & Delivery

Throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic, many consumers, who may not have shopped online before, have begun to do so, primarily out of necessity as many physical stores were closed due to lockdown.

For retailers this means that reailt packaging must be designed for both on-shelf promotion and online distribution. While visual impact and appealing packaging are still important, it must also be durable and space-efficient as these items will be going through a longer process to reach the customer as there are additional logistical steps, such as couriers, etc.

Interactive Packaging

Companies continuously aim to have their products stand out from their competitors on the supermarket shelf, and interactive packaging is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd. Enhance your customers’ experience, which in turn will encourage repeat custom and enhance the relationship between your company and customers.

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