W.L. Gore, a prominent global company specializing in materials and biomaterials science, has built a reputation for pioneering innovative solutions driven by technology. Ranging from medical equipment designed to treat aneurysms to the renowned high-performance GORE-TEX® fabric, the company has consistently demonstrated its commitment to cutting-edge advancements.

With over 40 million of its medical devices successfully implanted across the globe, W.L. Gore stands as a leader in the field. Recently, the company opted to transition from the Loftware Print Server (LPS) to our cloud-based labeling solution. This strategic move was aimed at enhancing speed-to-market, streamlining the auditing process for compliance maintenance, expediting processing times, and reducing the duration required for label creation, among other advantageous outcomes.

Discover how W.L. Gore partnered with Loftware to accomplish its objectives and navigate towards continued success while embracing label accuracy.

#1 Enhancing Compliance Efficiency: W.L. Gore optimised its compliance procedures, notably reducing audit response times. Previously, meeting label reproduction requests during audits was laborious due to the absence of a reprinting system. By transitioning to our cloud-based labeling solution, W.L. Gore consolidated label management, simplifying archival and retrieval processes for printed labels.

#2 Accelerating Time-to-Market: W.L. Gore achieved significant reductions in time-to-market delays. Previously, the label design and approval process spanned four to six months, with regulatory reviews consuming half of that time, impeding product launches. Through integration with Loftware, the company streamlined processes by linking labeling, PLM, and ERP systems, thus expediting operations.

#3 Error Elimination through Automation: Integration with PLM and ERP systems empowered W.L. Gore to automate its change management protocol. With PLM integration, label updates adhere to stringent quality management systems, ensuring comprehensive review and approval processes prior to implementation.

#4 Heightened Customer Responsiveness: In a bid to enhance adaptability and responsiveness to customer requirements, W.L. Gore adopted a modular approach to label creation, departing from isolated solutions. Presently, the Product Labeling team employs a unified format featuring 500+ images, accommodating over 3,800 SKUs with a mere 75 label designs and 7,000 image files. This framework enables swift adjustments of label components such as languages, brand names, and regulatory particulars, facilitating efficient meeting of diverse customer demands.

#5 Facilitating Global Label Printing: W.L. Gore’s overarching objective in the migration process was to empower its regional teams, partners, and third-party logistics providers to seamlessly manage labeling operations. This initiative aimed to expedite return processing, eliminate operational inefficiencies, and curtail processing costs. Leveraging Loftware’s software, the necessity for on-premise storage of label format and image files was eliminated. Now, all users can access the same files without the need for data replication or the creation of local file versions.

The outcomes of this transition to Loftware’s cloud-based labeling solution have been remarkable:

  • A 50% enhancement in speed-to-market.
  • Achieving 100% accuracy in labeling.
  • A 50% increase in processing volume.
  • Drastic reduction in label creation and update times from months to days.
  • Automation of label design and management, ensuring seamless compliance with complex regulatory requirements.
  • Streamlined auditing processes, facilitating compliance.
  • Empowering regional offices and external partners to print uniform labels consistently.


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