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“Changes in international regulations, notably in countries like Saudi Arabia, India, and other Middle Eastern nations, have led to a shift in our approach to labelling at Frozen Bean. The updated laws prohibit the use of external labels on bags, necessitating direct printing on the bag itself. When our customers brought this issue to our attention, we conducted extensive research,” explained John Bae, the President and CEO of Frozen Bean Incorporated.

As a prominent manufacturer of beverage mixes with a global presence in over 40 countries, 70% of Frozen Bean’s business is conducted overseas. Specializing in ice-blended coffees and drinks, the company caters to food service retailers and major coffee houses worldwide. With a commitment to staying ahead in flavour development, Frozen Bean ensures their customers receive trendy, high-quality products. Given their extensive global export, compliance with stringent international food safety laws is paramount. When notified of changing food labelling regulations in Saudi Arabia, India, and other Middle Eastern countries, Frozen Bean promptly responded to meet the new requirements.

The updated regulations mandated manufacturers to directly print comprehensive product details, including ingredients and nutritional information, on packaging instead of using labels. To ensure compliance and address this shift, Frozen Bean sought innovative flexible coding technology capable of printing various information directly onto both sides of their flexible bags and foil pouches, encompassing over 300 SKUs. The chosen solution also needed to withstand the production environment, where sugary powders were prevalent, without compromising the efficiency of the continuous production line. Drawing on their positive experience with Domino, as recommended by Frozen Bean’s Plant Manager, the company opted for two V320i 128mm Thermal Transfer printers, accompanied by QuickDesign Lite Software, to achieve reliable coding on their flexible bags and foil pouches.”

A Tailored Installation Minimises Downtime During the Transition Period

Domino has established a strong reputation for its coding solutions portfolio and commitment to delivering top-notch service. Starting from the initial consultation, through the commissioning phase to ongoing support, Domino’s expertise ensures a tailored approach to meet the unique coding requirements of various companies, making them a trustworthy and reliable partner.

“If someone inquires about Domino, I would emphasize the excellent reliability and customer service. I’d also extend an invitation for them to visit our plant and witness the machines in action across various environments. They can observe the consistency and durability of this equipment firsthand. Our doors are open for such visits.” – John Bae

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