Anglia Labels, a thriving privately-owned label printing firm located in Suffolk, which provides a comprehensive array of printing solutions to its diverse clientele in the label and tag market sectors, has recently made a strategic investment in a 5-colour Domino N610i digital inkjet label press.

This response stemmed from an increased demand from customers for shorter print runs featuring multiple variations and quicker turnaround times, all while insisting on top-notch print quality. In addressing this need, Anglia Labels strategically invested in the Domino N610i digital inkjet label press, which has not only allowed them to meet these demands but has also expanded their business by offering textured labellling. Additionally, the press now enables them to print cardboard sleeves and shrink films.

Established in 1979, Anglia Labels, a comprehensive ‘one-stop label shop’ based in Sudbury, boasts 22 employees and achieved a turnover of £2.5 million in 2017. Their diverse range of printing technologies, including rotary UV flexo, litho, UV letterpress, liquid toner, and the latest addition of digital inkjet, supported by various finishing options like hot and cold foiling, laminating, and thermal overprinting, allows them to provide a complete array of labeling solutions. This encompasses self-adhesive product labels, transparent labels, multi-page leaflet and peel-and-read labels, window labels, security and tamper-proof labels, functional tags for plants and bins, thermal labels, and wristbands—all available in rolls, sheets, or fan-folded formats.

Serving a broad customer base across various sectors such as food and drink, industrial, agrochemical, chemical, automotive, security, household, and the medical industry, Anglia Labels continues to cater to the evolving needs of its clients.

Anglia Labels has been providing Digital Label Printing for over two decades, having initially invested in digital toner technology in 1998. In 2017, in response to growing customer demand for smaller print runs, multiple variations, and shorter lead times without compromising on print quality, the company recognized the need to augment its digital capacity.

Ian Woodhead, the managing director of Anglia Labels, explains, “We attended Labelexpo to assess the available digital presses, specifically focusing on factors such as print quality, speed, running costs, price, ease of use, and service. Following this, we submitted test files for printing on various substrates and subsequently visited our shortlist of four suppliers.”


Ian further remarks, “We concluded that the 5-colour Domino N610i inkjet label press was an ideal solution for our needs, seamlessly integrating with our current in-house printing technologies. The decision to invest was strongly influenced by considerations of print quality, cost-effective production, and the broad spectrum of vibrant colors achievable beyond the standard four-color set.”

“Merely a month after installation, we observed enhancements in our turnaround times and quality, a reduction in operational expenses, and we had already utilized the Domino press for 25% of our total turnover.”
Ian Woodhead, Managing Director, Anglia Labels

The installation of the Domino press took place in February 2018, and according to Ian, “In just one month post-installation, we saw enhancements in our lead times and quality, along with a reduction in running costs. Notably, we were already utilizing the Domino press for 25% of our total turnover.” Phil King, the Production Manager, adds, “The Domino press is user-friendly and requires minimal maintenance, ensuring maximum uptime. Significant time and cost savings are achievable with the Domino, as the majority of our stocked materials can be used on the press without the need for pre-coating.”

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