Laser Fume Extractors

DPX Fume Extraction Units – Keep your Work Place Clean

Cleans the air – maximises performance

A laser fume extractor is ideal for use in a diverse range of applications, the DPX range of fume extraction units provide an efficient and cost-effective way of keeping your work environment clean. The materials and vapours that are produced during laser printing are captured in the HEPA filters while a chemical layer reduces toxic gas from the air. Robust, reliable and easy to operate, the DPX units come in a range of variants: DPX500 (production rates below 200 codes per min), DPX1000 (between 200-500 codes per min), DPX1500 (above 500 codes per min), and DPX2000 (all PVC coding applications).

Key Benefits of a Laser Fume Extractor:

  • Improved unit efficiency – Build up of fume residues and other contaminants is prevented
  • Full range of units – DPX500, DPX1000, DPX1500, DPX2000
  • Keeps your workplace clean – Ensures an efficient and clean operating environment
  • Great Performance – Long life filters are easily accessible for quick and easy changing
  • Simple Installation – Disposable filters eliminate the need for holes in walls or ceilings and obtrusive pipe work
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