Are you a food or beverage manufacturer who needs to print product specific details onto outer packaging in order to ship your products?

We make case coding simple for you

At Codico we understand how important it is for companies like yours to be able to effectively trace your products. That’s why our specialist case coding printers will allow you to print legible and accurate data such as barcodes, batch numbers, dates, and so much more directly onto your base, box or packaging. 

Reliability, quality and operator usability are three critical factors when it comes to choosing a print solution. With Domino printers, you are guaranteed that we have you covered on all fronts.

See how you can increase productivity and reduce downtime on your production line. Watch our printer in action.

Key benefits

  • Maximise uptime with our proven piezo Drop on Demand (DoD)
  • Consistent high quality print output to a variety of casing types
  • Compact design that fits easily into existing production facilities

Domino is making a big impression among our clients

“We were very impressed with both the ease and print quality. With so many other competitors in the marketplace, we feel Domino has stepped up its game and have created a powerful product that will now give us more flexibility and better print quality than any other device we have worked with before. Both the bar code and human-readable prints were crisp, and the user interface was very easy to set up for multiple-sided printing.

A leading food manufacturer in the Republic of Ireland

Why Choose Codico

Make A Difference

We’re commited to environmental responsibility. Our printers use vegetable-based oil to deliver an environmentally friendly outer case coding, and the machine itself has low running costs compared to competitors.

Save Money

Our printers feature a simple touch screen interface, and produce high resolution barcodes, logos, traceability, and product batch information directly onto cardboard, paper boxes, PVC, metal substrates, etc.

Improve Your Sustainability

Our case coding printers can be easily integrated into existing production facilities and assure maximum printer uptime and reliability.

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