Mark Your Territorty with ACI Laser

Fibre laser systems are suitable for use in time-critical manufacturing processes. Although the main area of application is in metal machining, the system can also be used for marking plastics, ceramics and laser foils due to the flexible nature of the laser. For maximum flexibility, the pulse shapes of the Fibre series of lasers can be variably adjusted. This enables clean and top-quality marking results, thus satisfying the highest quality standards. This provides long system running times with no expensive maintenance work necessary.


  • Ideal for markings on metals or plastics.
  • For advanced applications with variable pulse width
  • Integration of all optical, electronic and mechanical components in a single housing
  • Excellent marking results due to superior beam quality

Book your no-obligation onsite Fibre Laser demonstration today.

We can also carry out sample markings with a number of different lasers on your material and provide you with a detailed sample report. This will enable you to choose the right marking laser technology for your material.


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