Domino Ax-series

What does rewriting the rules actually mean?

On the 1st of December 2016, we launched the new Domino Ax-Series CIJ in Ireland. Having received intensive product training by our certified Domino Trainer, the pieces of the jigsaw came together. We began to realise that this product launch was a bit special. Domino have literally reinvented the wheel, or rewritten the rules of Continuous Ink Jet Printing technology.

Domino started this project about 2 years ago. The starting point for the project was to study and understand the work of the pioneering father of print, Lord Rayleigh of Cambridge England. Lord Rayleigh was a famous physicist, Nobel Prize winner and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. His work illustrated how perfect ink drops were formed.

From there, Domino listened to its customers’ pain points of using CIJ printers and then deconstructed four decades of manufacturing printers to redesign the AX-Series with the goal in mind of creating the perfect drop every time.

‘We deconstructed Continuous Ink Jet as we’ve known it for the past four decades – before rebuilding it as a better, faster, more responsive and cost-effective technology. Experience the Domino Ax-Series and rethink Continuous Ink Jet’. Domino Printing

i-Pulse Print Head

There is a tonne of new features on the Ax-Series, some of which we will cover in subsequent blogs, but for today’s post we are going to focus on one of the most important features of the Ax-Series CIJ and that is the new i-Pulse print head.

The redesigned drop generator and frequency matched nozzle (ask me more) of the printhead enables the Ax-Series printer to produce the perfect ink drop every time. Essentially, the print head generates 9 perfect drops at 7 drop speeds which gives amazing clarity and quality of print at speed.

To illustrate, the image on the right is an illustration of the new 7 drop raster print (on the bottom) verses a traditional CIJ print (Top). As you can see the difference is quite dramatic.

Ipulse & new Ink Features:

• Perfect drops every time • 9 drop quality at 7 drop speeds • Inks for even the toughest substrates • Matching of print heads and ink • Multiple print size option.

Ax-Series Print Comparison
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