2016 was the year that manufacturers took back control at a local level and began to plan out their own destiny’s again. Local engineering companies can bring a wealth of experience to help manufacturers choose the right equipment, and most importantly, the right equipment that has local support. This is great news for Ireland’s economy, jobs and local support companies like Codico.

This year was also our best year in terms of providing our customers with training on Domino equipment. This makes sense because companies can see the benefits (lower running costs, higher up time and less spare parts/ emergency call outs) to having their own in-house specialist for their equipment. Keep an eye out for more training coming in 2017.

Now that’s said, here are our predictions in coding and marking for 2017:

  1. CIJ Rewritten – Domino’s new Ax- Series CIJ (Continuous ink jet printer) has to be seen to be believed. The quality of each print and ease of which the UI (user interface) can be navigated is truly a game changer. More information here.
  2. Reducing Down Time and Increasing OEE – Manufacturers are after the holey grail of closed loop integration of their data and plant systems. For this we implement a bespoke coding automation solution in QuickDesign. With QD software message data (product, batch and other information) is automatically sent to each coding printer on manufacturing lines throughout the plant without human interference. See more information here.
  3. Digital Book Printing – Short runs of high quality books. They can even be personalized to an individual. See the video here.
  4. One stop shop solutions – we are being asked more and more to provide a whole solution from end to end. For example, a Label applicator head, a conveyor, a vision system and palletizing system. This is completely possible and the benefits for the end user is one contact point and a seamless integrated solution.
  5. More parts marking – with legislation and efficiency based track and trace fueling coding and marking we think more parts (medical devices, engineering, aerospace and automotive) will be directly marked. See our range of ACI lasers and workstations here.

Overall we hope that 2017 will be another growth year – in that we will see growth in Ireland’s manufacturing base (north and south), more jobs and more manufacturers taking advantage of new technologies to help grow their businesses. We look forward to being part of it with you.

Finally Codico would like to wish all of our customers, supporters and supply partners a happy Christmas and a prosperous 2017.

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