We noticed some surprising statistics in a recent article in the Irish Times. One in three Irish people now buys a coffee at least once a day – an increase of 10 per cent on the previous year according to a 2017 survey of 1,011 people by Allegra World for UCC Coffee Ireland. The number of specialist coffee houses grew by 8.5 per cent in 2016, according to Euromonitor, while the overall market for coffee in Ireland will grow by seven per cent over the next five years, UCC predicts.

We all know that the craft beer boom is well under way with almost 100 micro breweries on the Island. But what about the artisan coffee roasters? Our research leads us to estimate that there are now close to 50 Irish Coffee Roasters in Ireland, with the overwhelming majority in the Republic of Ireland . The artisan coffee scene boom has made its way in to the mainstream by being sold by small coffee houses and cafes, and on the shelves in your local supermarket too. Its a testament to Musgraves / Supervalue and to local retailers that stock these wonderful Irish roasted coffees.

Google trends is a great way to gauge the level of interest in a subject by seeing the amount of search queries for that search term. We found that over the past 12 months the data for the search term “coffee beans” was nearly on par with that of “craft beer”.

Google Trends Data - Last 12 Months

Google Trends Data – Last 12 Months

We discovered that there were a few variations on the packaging types used by coffee producers. The majority were either using gusseted bags or stand up pouches. Other types we found in use were foil bags, flat pouches and paper bags. You will notice that they are all from the flexible packaging family. Flexible Packaging is defined as a package or container made of flexible or easily yielding materials that, when filled or closed, can be readily changed in shape. The construction may be of paper, plastic film, foil or any combination of these.

Codico have a number of coding and marking solutions available to help small to medium sized coffee roasters apply product information and traceability to their packs. This information is usually best before and batch or lot numbering. We would recommend the new Domino AX150i and a small conveyor for producers producing between 1000 and 5000 packs a week. This option is the most cost effective and flexible to different packaging shapes and surfaces. If a producer has a form, fill and seal machine for packaging then we would recommend the Domino V230i TTO printer would be the optimum solution.

CIJ Printing sample of paper bag

CIJ Printing sample on paper coffee bag



What we can provide to bring your Manufacturing Company to the next level:
• Accurate clear coding on a diverse range of packing materials.
• Code date/batch information safely and reliably on the packaging.
• Enable secure traceability on to your packaging in the event of a recall.
• A wide range of products to provide a solution that is right for you.
• Low running costs which will save your company money long term.
• Innovative products, world-class service, and support if things do go wrong.

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