Metal beverage packaging has acquired 23% market share in the overall beverage packaging sector and 33% in the alcoholic beverage market. We have also seen the trend from manufacturers to move to using more slim or supersized (500ml) cans instead of the standard 330ml size.

In terms of batch coding and product traceability, Continuous Ink Jet printing (CIJ printing) has dominated the landscape and this is due to a couple of reasons; mainly robust design, flexibility in coding requirements (2-3 lines of print) and speed of printing.

However, our customers wanted more. More speed, more uptime and better quality codes.

Building on the success of the F220i 20W fibre laser, Domino in conjunction with the major beverage manufacturer, Carlsberg, have developed the F720i. Read the case study here.

The revolutionary F720i fibre laser makes it easier than ever before to apply high-resolution codes and logos to cans – even on concave surfaces. With its robust design and IP65 rating, its purpose built to withstand harsh production environments and delivers flawless coding at line speeds of 600m/min. The unique 3D power concentration achieves superior code quality through short and intense pulses, which significantly increases marking speed while also resulting in a high-resolution mark.

Laser coding cans is the future for medium to high volume high speed coding without any downtime. There are additional benefits for manufacturers who want to add extra information on to the can like promotional codes or logos.

Laser coding aluminium beverage cans at high speed is no mean feat. Many coding companies have tried and failed. Domino have cracked it!

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