According to All4pack, the most used types of packaging are bags and sachets (875.59 billion units), bottles (810.32 billion) and cans (412.95 billion). From our experience most of these types of packaging require some sort of labelling: Product branded labelling, Flash pricing labels, promotional labelling (20% extra free) contract packing labels for local markets, additional barcode labels etc.

Codico and our labelling solutions partner Intrex, have teamed up to offer you an unbeatable range of labelling equipment, both automatic labelling and semi-automatic labelling machines. We can also offer printer integration with Domino CIJ, TTO, amongst others printers.

Intrex, who are based in Poznan Poland, are now a market leading player in handling and automatic labelling solutions in Europe. With customers like Ikea, Pernod, Unilever, Wrigley etc that has helped them grow to 150 employees to date.

The Intrex labelling range includes 4 standard labelling heads for semi-automatic labelling. Each of the labelling heads can store pre-programmed set up programmes. Applications include labelling of flash or special offer stickering, ready meal tray labelling, vacuum pack labelling among other applications.The range consists of the following:

  • 100 for entry level labelling at a rate of 25m/min*
  • 200 for fast labelling at a rate of 55m/min*
  • 200+ for fast labelling at a rate of 55m/min with colour touch screen interface*
  • 300 for high speed labelling at a rate of 150/min*
  • Click here for more information on the standard range. *Label width and quality dependent.

We can also offer bespoke automatic labelling. The bespoke solutions include handling or conveyor systems, Domino printers for date coding, vision systems for verification to offer a total end-to-end labelling solution for your business.

Label applications include:

  • Two sided, wrap around or neck labelling for beer, spirits or soft drink bottle or beverage can labelling.
  • Top and bottom label, front and back label, print and apply labeller.
  • Pharma or lifescience labelling of vials, ampuls, syringes, cartons and medical device packs.
  • Tamper evident labelling on cartons in compliance with EU Pharma FMD regulations.
  • Labels for candles, irregular shaped bottles, 1-5L containers, squeezie sauce bottles, glass jars etc.
  • Paint tin and pale container labelling.
  • Small labels applied on to cosmetics and beauty products.

See our video for the beer industry


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