The Thermal Tranfer Overprinter (TTO printer) is widely regarded as the work horse of coding and marking printers.  What was once the staple printer for bakeries, snack food and confectioners, now the TTO printer has been widely accepted in new high growth sectors such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical devices. It enables manufacturers to overprint already rolled or flat printed packaging with variable product information such as ingredients, allergens, flavours, QR and 2D datamatrix codes as well as the usual information like best before and batch / lot numbers. The TTO is an extremely cost effective printer with a small footprint.

Domino Printing, a global leader in industrial print technologies, drove the innovation of the TTO with the release of the V230i, an all electrical thermal printer. It is available in 2 different sizes 32mm and 53mm printheads. Today the V230i is regarded as a reliable good value printer that is ideal for retrofitting in to packaging machines such as flow-wrappers, baggers, vertical form fill and seal machines, and automatic labellers. The V230i’s bigger brother, the V320i, is an extremely versatile heavy duty printer that can overprint between 53mm and 128mm. This robust printers can operate in lots of different conditions from damp to dirty dusty environments.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen this printer perform very well in agri and building / construction product sectors. For example, our customers are printing different product names on to a template 25kg bag. For example, the words gravel, cement, adhesive etc are overprinted in large lettering on to a clear plastic bag that has pre-printed company branding on them. This saves the company in the cost of pre-ordering large quantities of different product bags and gives them an element of printing on demand as the market requires.

Designed for crisp, clear coding, the V-⁠⁠Series delivers high resolutions at fast speed. With a focus on reliability, the unique i-⁠⁠Tech Dancing Arms maintain ribbon tension and virtually eliminate downtime: you’ll also use up to 60% less ribbon. Domino Printing’s V-⁠⁠Series range will fit into almost all existing thermal transfer brackets, keeping installation costs to a minimum and reducing downtime. Domino’s thermal transfer overprinters keeps total cost of ownership low. With innovative design, the weight of the machines has been reduced by 40%, minimising environmental impact and the reducing the carbon footprint of your production line. Innovative design to minimise waste, to keep total cost of ownership low and manage environmental impact.


  • Weight reduction
  • Reducing ribbon use and packaging
  • No compressed air costs (V230i & V120i)
  • Lower power consumption

This year Domino recognised Codico are the leading distributor for driving TTO technology growth with an award.

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