What factors matter the most to your production? Maintaining line output, fast changeover of packaging SKU’s and insuring product/batch traceability; these are just some of the main factors that come to mind. In 2015, we were requested by Green Angel Cosmetics to come up with an end to end packaging line to address these factors. They recognised the benefits of working with one supplier for their printer, conveyor and labelling systems.

Green Angel is an award winning luxurious range of Irish skincare, hair care and bath care preparations, which are based on the fusion of Irish seaweed and natural essential oils. The duel energy blend of their unique qualities provides Green Angel Irish Skincare with a truly outstanding range.

Green Angel had a requirement for a scalable coding solution in order to print 2 lines of product information (batch no. and date of production) on to a wide variety of packaging substrates including: cartons, tubs, bottles, jars and gift sets. The solution also had to be easy to use as several employees would be using the coding station on a daily basis.

The success of the installation has been extremely positive on two fronts. Firstly, the coding printer could easily handle over 1,000 items a day with excellent quality print over all the different substrates. Secondly, the coding station has meant the company realizing a huge saving in terms of time the required 70 prints per min rate with ease (Approximately 7 man -hours saved per day over doing it with a label gun).

“Codico have provided us with a efficient, cost effective and scalable printing station that can handle all of our packaging variants”, Chris Mitchell, Managing Director of Green Angel.

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