Best before and production dates, batch/lot numbering, allergen information, barcodes – there are so many things to consider before you ship your goods to your customers.

Small producers like food and beverage, cosmetics and other start-ups fledgling businesses often don’t have the funding available to automate their production lines within the first 5 years. Normally these companies use old equipment, hand stamps, sticker labels and other outdated means to code and print variable data on to their products.

Automation usually starts when business is booming and the realisation hits in that the production line has become too slow and there is no room for any more people to manually pack product.

Today’s saavy entrepreneurs are getting ahead of this problem by investing in professional coding equipment that integrate printing technology (Continuous Inkjet, Thermal Transfer Overprinting and Thermal Inkjet) in to offline or modular handling systems (i.e. a small conveyor) to take advantage of faster production and a more professional look to their product.

NML5 Victory Brewing Can Date Coder

Why not consider a small investment on a flexible and scalable coding station to help free up time and resources.

6 Reasons to Automate your product information printing and coding

  1. Produce faster – achieve higher product through put with an automated coveyer system.
  2. Security – Today almost all producers need traceability for their products. On a basic level dates (expiry and production), batch numbering and production line information can acheive this.
  3. Flexibility – Choose a system that will allow you to code as many of your packaging sku’s as possible.
  4. Scalable – Stand alone coding modules can be ‘bolted’ together to grow as your company grows.
  5. Cost effective – Automation may save you time and money as your production increase with the same or less level of staffing.
  6. Get the professional look – Don’t let your professionally designed packaging down by applying hand stamps of labels. A professionally coded product will give you that professionally produced look that your product deserves.

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