So you have worked really hard producing the days full production schedule. Wait, oh no, you realise that your team have missed the checks and balances that are carried out to make sure the best before dates and batch numbers are correct in the ink jet printer. Now for the costly reworking of hundreds of products (unhappy face).


Luckily with a Domino I-tech Continuous Inkjet printer there are a number of ways to prevent this from happening again:

  1. Set up prompt fields in the message screen. The operator will be asked to enter the information each time the message is selected. This is a great way to lock out other information being printed and to insure the correct formats are being used each time you print, i.e. LOT1234, DD/MM/YYYY.
  2. Use default timer clocks on a preset message (e.g. 1 year from today’s date). You can then set up several preset messages to reflect the shelf life of each of your products in the message store.
  3. Use a bar code scanner to scan a barcode on a work order. The barcode contains the date and batch information. At the start of a production run the barcode is scanned and the information is preloaded into the variable fields in the message.

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