Continuous Injet (CIJ) Printing

Domino A-SeriesIn brief, CIJ is where the printed drops that land on the substrate/product are "charged" in a charge "electrode" in the printing head and deflected by passing through an electro-static field on the way to the product. This can be achieved while the drops are running at up to 128khz. (ie 128000 drops per second) or 450 meters/minute. The uncharged drops are collected and drawn through a gutter pipe into the main holding tank to be used again.

Domino A-Series machines allow for:

  • Automatic flushing of the Printhead.
  • Automatic sealing of Nozzle Plate.
  • Automatic Viscosity and Modulation Control.
  • Reduced Ink and Service costs.
  • Front Panel Programming.
  • One to Four line print.
  • Mixed matrix.
  • Advanced range of fluids.
  • Heated Gun Body Assembly.
  • Ethernet Communications Protocol.
  • Built in Web Server.
  • External USB Port.
  • Email Generation.
  • Back Up Message Storage.

Drop on Demand

C-Series 6000 and C16

This technology is were the ink is forced through a bank of nozzles under pressure as either solenoids or Electro piezo are actived and de-activated. The quality of print is variable and the speeds are quite slow. This type of technology can be used on plaster boards, Outer Cases and Plastic Pipes, to name but a few.


D-620iWe offer a full range of Laser Coders, Dot Matrix and Scribing Lasers, and CO2 and NdYag Lasers. The Lasers can code up to 120,000 p/hour from one line of text. Text fields of 300 X 300 m, Logos and variable information can also be printed. We can print on PET material to Carbon Steel and Glass.

Laser Printing

D-Series laser range

The unique DDC3 Laser is a DOT MATRIX laser coder. The codes are produced using a 7 (or 5) dot matrix, and each dot position has its own laser tube. All products in the DDC3 range offer either one or two laser heads which are connected by flexible conduit to a control cabinet. The laser Head(s) hold the Laser tubes and the control cabinet houses the electronics and the hardware to drive the tubes. The laser can print either one or two lines of text at very high speeds - 120000 p/per hour. The Laser can print on cans, plastics and paper. It can also code on PET bottles and flow-wrap material without burning through either substrate.

The Scribing lasers are generally Single Tube Lasers. They have a SCAN HEAD with direct drive galvo mirrors. This allows for precise movement and allows the laser to produce "OCR" and "WRITTEN" characters. The speeds are continuously increasing with this technology and they can now cope with the fastest bottling lines or cartoning lines. Cartons can now be coded at up to 300 per minute.

Digital Printing

N-600i K-600i print bar

This type of printing is used mainly in the graphics industry for ALL POINTS ADDRESSABLE print. In this technology the printed drops are not charged, rather the recycled drops are charged and deflected into the gutter to be recycled.

Digital Printing can give 1", 2¼", 4½" and 9" print widths allowing you to print up to a full A4 sheet of paper.

Print speeds are very high - up to 10m/s and both waterbased and solvent based inks can be used. This means we can print on polywrap material, glossy stock, plastic cards and, of course, newsprint.

Thermal Transfer Coding

V-320iWe are now using the Domino aquired Easyprint Machines. Called the V-Series, they offer a full inovative range of TT Printers. Thernal Transfer uses heat and foil to apply the mark to the product surface. All messages are generated through the electronics.

Print & Apply Labeling

M-Series - Conveyor belt blow applicatorThis is where a blank or partially printed label is firstly over-printed with variable information such as Best Before Dates, Barcodes, Adresses etc and then the label is automatically applied to the product.

Click here to see all the ways a label can be applied to a box.



High speed, high quality printing of complex codes on a wide variety of substrates. High speed, high quality Thermal Ink Jet coding. Domino's G-Series range of printers offers the only Thermal Ink Jet (TIJ) solution with the ability to print with solvent and water based fluids onto a variety of substrates, including:

  • Cartons
  • Sachets / pouches
  • Labels
  • Blister packs
- within the Pharmaceutical , Food , Health Care and Tobacco industries.

The G100 , G200 and G300 printers are ideal for the high-quality, high-speed coding requirements of today's manufacturing environments, and are capable of:

  • High quality complex codes
  • Higher production speeds requiring multiple lines
  • Machine readable codes including bar codes and Data Matrix (2D) codes
  • Graphics

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