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Intrex Automatic Labelling Systems

Intrex Labelling Heads

Intrex labelling offer labeling heads and handling systems for automatic labelling of product labels or stickers on to packaging: Bottles, special offers, trays, syringes, jars, containers etc.


Intrex 100+

Intrex 100+ is recommended for ‘economical’ solutions, when the labelling speed does not exceed 25m/min. This versatile machine is a convenient tool for automatic labelling suitable for various applications of low and medium productivity rate. Intrex have focused on elements enhancing safety, ease of installation, performance, ease of use, resetting and technical support, yet maintaining high repeatability and attractive price.

intrex 100plus

Intrex 200+

Intrex 200+ User-friendly, intuitive control unit enables easy integration to various applications including packaging lines as well as very advanced labelling systems.

intrex 200+

Intrex 300+

Intrex 300+ is the latest model among labelling heads designed for the highest efficiency and labelling speed. The device can achieve performance exceeding 700 labels/min and labelling speed 150m/min.

intrex 300+

Watch the Video: Beer Bottle Labelling by Intrex.

Bespoke Labelling Solutions

Codico, together with our labeling partner Intrex, produce labelling systems, custom-made for the client, recognizing their needs and requirements. Our solution ensures full-scale and competent service starting with your order through installation to complex post-sale service and support.

Our labelling systems work in all sectors of industry:

  • food
  • cosmetics
  • pharmaceutical
  • chemical
  • automotive
  • wood

Our solutions of product aligning, guiding, and modern and innovative labeling heads INTREX 100 and 200 make our systems work perfectly while labelling products of various shapes and sizes.

intrex solution machine_5
intrex solution machine_7

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