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Continuous InkJet Printer (CIJ Printer)

Introducing the new Ax-Series range of Continuous InkJet Printer from Domino Printing. Domino deconstructed Continuous InkJet as we’ve known it for the past four decades – before rebuilding it as a better, faster, more responsive and cost-effective technology. Experience the Domino Ax-Series and rethink Continuous InkJet.

Speed, accuracy and the ability to perform in tough and varied environments give our revolutionary Ax-⁠Series printers a leading edge. An industry breakthrough, our new generation of ink drop technology gives you gains in ink usage, droplet accuracy and placement at traditional print speeds. Our revolutionary i-⁠Pulse system allows you to rapidly print high-⁠constrast, durable messages and multiple lines at the fastest possible speeds, while our i-⁠Pulse inks adhere to anything – even after the toughest post-⁠print processes.

Quite simply, Continuous Inkjet technology is by far the best option for coding application. It is fast, durable, easy to operate, simple to install and, best of all, is extremely versatile: it can print on virtually any surface. And as we are the undisputed leaders in Continuous Inkjet coding and printers -⁠ having set the industry standard for quality, reliability and versatility for over 30 years -⁠ we can provide a printing solution that’s exactly right for your needs.

Ax150i CIJ Printer

Our new generation of precision ink drop technology controls individual ink drop formation and gives you significant gains in ink usage, droplet accuracy and placement at traditional print speeds. We call this system i-⁠Pulse and it’s our industry-⁠leading breakthrough in Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) technology. And because the Ax150i is easy to maintain and service -⁠ the i-⁠Tech module can be easily changed in less than 10 minutes -⁠ production can be maintained with optimum line availability. CleanFill technology and colour-⁠coded, one-⁠fit consumables eliminate the risk of spillage or mess, while flexibility and easy operation is delivered through our leading QuickStep software and additional plug and play add-⁠ons. Which all adds up to saving you both time and money.

Ax350i CIJ Printer

Designed for even the most demanding applications, meet the new generation in precision ink drop technology. Rapidly print messages and multiple line codes at the fastest possible speeds and reduce rejects with precision printing of Machine Readable Codes (MRC). Easily integrated into your existing production line, our new i-⁠Pulse inks adhere even after the harshest post-⁠print processes, including sterilisation and blast freezing. Our high-⁠contrast, durable codes available in black, blue, yellow, red and white will last the lifetime of your product and are even suitable for direct food-⁠contact.

Ax550i CIJ Printer

This robust and flexible machine delivers high resolution print messages and multiple line codes in even the harshest environments. Its tough and stackable cabinet is made from marine grade 316 stainless steel which is not only dust tight but can withstand powerful water blasting during heavy duty cleaning. It’s an innovative printer that, in every sense, truly takes some beating. The highest quality of print is also assured, allowing large amounts of data for high speed, rapid throughput printing. And higher quality codes are optimised for Machine Readable Codes (MRC) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) systems helping to reduce rejects.

Domino Designed i-Pulse Inks

Quality coding and high productivity through our highest ever performance inks. Domino Design is your guarantee that Domino’s in-house team of chemists have formulated and optimised each ink, and tested each and every printer/ink combination to ensure the highest levels of reliability, dependability and consistency for your needs. Domino Design also means Domino provides inks that take into consideration packaging ink requirements and comply with industry standards such as the EuPIA GMP and Swiss List.
i-Pulse Print Head & Inks:
• Perfect drops every time
• 9 drop quality at 7 drop speeds
• Inks for even the toughest substrates
• Matching of print heads and ink
• Multiple print size option

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