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A Guide to Product Coding & Labelling for Small Dairy

We have created a useful guide that will help you choose the correct technology for your production. Hopefully, there will be an opportunity that we can help you with. We can help you print product information such as best before, use by, batch numbers, logos and bar codes on to your packaging. We also provide automatic & semi automatic labelling solutions for packaging, bottles, jars and cases.
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Looking back at 2017 – Coding & Marking

With so much happening every year in the Coding and Marking industry, it has become so difficult to write an end of year review. 2017 was of no exception. After some heavy debate and consultation we came up with our favourite 5 events / topics to discuss here with you today:
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Ink Leachability: Keeping Ink On and Out of the Bottle

Working in collaboration, PCI and Domino identified the key inks required and developed testing criteria to demonstrate compliance with industry leachability requirements. The following White Paper details the research and results that has allowed Domino and PCI to confidently conclude that there is no ink migration of Domino inks through the walls of PCI’s HDPE bottles.
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Brewing Up A Success Story with YellowBelly Beer & Codico

YellowBelly Beer opened its brewery doors in 2015 at their busy brewpub Simon Lambert & Sons in the heart of Wexford, Ireland. The brewery’s name pays homage to the nickname ‘YellowBelly’ bestowed upon the Wexford townsfolk while also being full of irony, in that YellowBelly Beer never fears to be progressive and innovative with their beer styles and ingredients. In 2017, YellowBelly have expanded into a new brewery, not far from their initial site, with lots more space to continue their quest to become one of the world’s leading breweries.
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Laser Coding Beverage Cans – Domino have cracked it!

Building on the success of the F220i 20W fibre laser, Domino in conjunction with the major beer manufacturer, Carlsberg, have developed the F720i. The revolutionary F720i fibre laser makes it easier than ever before to apply high-resolution codes and logos to cans – even on concave surfaces.
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Celebrating #casecodingweek

Lets be honest, manufacturers, retailers and consumers alike, are all obsessed with primary packaging. The primary pack is like the oscar statue at the Academy Awards every year. We hear about the best consumer packaged goods in the trade press but they rarely mention the secondary packs. But what about the outer case or outer carton? The humble corrugated brown and white box? To say things have changed is an understatement. Branding has grown to become 360 degrees around the product; from product display bins, shelf ready packaging (SRP), convenience packs (with handles!), to fully printed boxes with graphics (craft beer anyone) and lots more innovations and exciting developments.
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Domino Leads the Way for GMP Approved Inks

The term GMP is widely used but often has no specific requirements set out. Quality control of raw materials, traceability of materials and other manufacturing processes are usually included. But as a customer how do you know that the material you purchase from one supplier is made to the same standard as that purchased from another. ‘Good’ can be a relative word.
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Brush Up on Your Barcode Grading Knowledge

The humble barcode is everywhere. The barcode is the vessel for traceability throughout the supply chain and is the key unique identifier in serialisation. Particularly with the FMD (Falsified Medical Directive) in the EU for prescription pharmaceuticals and UDI in Medical Devices for USA (FDA) & EU. These are calling for the use of 2D barcodes (or two dimensional barcodes) in the make up of labelling guidelines.
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Coding Success in the Health & Beauty Sector

What factors matter the most to your production? Maintaining line output, fast changeover of packaging SKU’s and insuring product/batch traceability; these are just some of the main factors that come to mind. In 2015, we were requested by Green Angel Cosmetics to come up with an end to end packaging line to address these factors. They recognised the benefits of working with one supplier for their printer, conveyor and labelling systems.
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5 Considerations for Print & Apply Labelling

The star of the show is the humble label. The label is a self contained background that contains printed information. When we pick up an item in the shop we are immediately drawn to the product label. Be it the brand logo, the model name, the ingredients, allergens advice, the expiry dates, the barcode for scanning at the till, the label contains all the information the buyer needs to be generally informed about what they are buying.
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